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    As of today, TG is now offering a block in your User CP to enter your Unique ArmA ID. Those of you familiar to other games here at TG will find this in line with other games like CSS and BF 2/2142.

    By creating an input area for your ID, we will be able to begin to work on things like reserved slots and a consolidated Squad Logo page. I say begin, because we cannot start anything until we have people adding their data to begin the database.

    First off you have to get your ID from inside ArmA. At the 1st screen, in the top left you will see something that says “Profile: Your Name”. Double click on that. Next will be another screen showing you your profiles. Highlight either one, that click “edit”. Now in the bottom right corner you will see “Player: xxxxxxxx”. Hit cancel and back out..

    To add it to your forum profile, 1st click on your User CP at the top left of the screen. Next in the Control Panel, go to “Edit Profile”. Scroll halfway down the screen and simply type in your ID.

    You are done at that point!!
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