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    My friends and I have just started playing ArmA. There are only like 6-8 of us on at any given time. For the time being I have used my laptop as a dedicated server to run missions and even play EVO while I played off my main. We mainly do CO-OPs against the AI. I am thinking of building another machine besides my main to use as a server for us. I have a DSL connection with approx about 7-800kbps upload and around 5mpbs download. Not the greatest but it's been working great so far with the few players we have. Here are some questions I have cause I am thinking of renting a dedicated server or building a 2nd tower for here at the house for hosting games:

    1> I noticed a few hosting companies are selling 6-8-12-16 player Arma assault servers for like $20-30 a month. I know these can't be dedicated servers, they obviously have to be shared with other games. However, are these a waste of money for running CO-OPs since we mostly do CO-ops. I imagine there can't be alot of CPU use allocated for these 6-12 player server rentals. Does anyone know for sure though or is any squad using one of these servers? I emailed one of the companies (un-named) selling these discount servers and the representative mailed me back saying there would be no problem

    2> I really have not had any issues at home off DSL but I fear if a few more of my friends start playing my connection will go to crap. Like how many max players can I expect to get on 768kbps upload DSL connection with a dedicated server running? Any clue on how much kps per user is required?

    3> For the true dedicated servers rentals - I am tempted to do this - there are some nice deals out there. What should I look for as far as requirements go? Min 100mbps connection? or would 10mbps be good enough for 6-12 players doing co-ops? What about monthly bandwidth limits? How much are you guys using in a month? There are some nice deals out there but I noticed the cheaper servers have a lower monthly bandwidth limit then some of the more expensive ones - like I'm just thinking the cheap price is to get you signed up and then at the end of the month u get whacked with a bunch of bandwidth overage fees. So any clues on how much bandwidth ArmA is using per month on average like on a 12, 24, 36 or 60 player server? Thanks for any assistance in this matter.

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    Re: Dedicated Server Advice

    Not to NOT answer your question.. but Welcome to TG...
    Now... How are your pings to the TG servers... We have two here, one dedicated to the Evolution map/mod and the other is a Dedicated COOP server with ton's of maps on it for your choosing...
    I'm sure if you and your gaming pals want a great gaming experience without the high cost of a Gaming server jump on board and try a few rounds...
    All the rules etc are in the forums... and TG also hosts a TeamSpeak Server, which is required to be used while in the Game...
    If you have any questions drop me a PM...
    |TG|ARMA Pathfinder where did I put my keys?


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      Re: Dedicated Server Advice

      I'm not sure I can speak to the specific server requirements, but TG does have an open access COOP server that is generally underutilized. You and your friends are welcome to use the server (vote admin is enabled). Our rules of conduct and use of TS is mandatory, but if your group doesn't mind a few other TG folks hoping on to enjoy the mission this could be a good fit.

      The server is passworded, but the password is available here in the forums for the public to see.




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