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Wanna see my new coaster..dumb dumb setup

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  • Wanna see my new coaster..dumb dumb setup

    I've just about had it with this piling piece of digest oats and alfalfa (can't swear in these forums can we).

    First of all , I've been trying off an on for hours at a time to reconfigure my controls with little to no success.

    For example , I want my Left MB=advance , Space bar =prone,Middle MB=VOIP,Right MB = Fire etc.etc.

    Want all the primary controls on the mouse (as I have configured all my FPS games that way) so that only one hand is needed to perform the majority of tasks while the left hand is free to coddle my beer/cigarette and the left hand little finger can be used for the odd key press for those incidental commands.

    No success.

    Top that of with crappy performance even with graphics set to low (and I can see no reason for this as the graphics are no raving hell even on high) and I'm about ready to turn that DVD into a coaster. (AMD 64 4Ghz,2GIG RAM and nVidia 7600 card).

    Anyone else had any luck configuring the basic controls in this game and if so..HOW!!!
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    Re: Wanna see my new coaster..dumb dumb setup

    I use a Nostromo N52 game pad and I think it is perfect for ArmA. I have all controls on it and even commands with one button touch bc with the N52 you can set macros and my mouse in an A4tech X750 which has a extra little button on the left MB wich is a one click 3 shot burst which allows me to always leave my rate of fire in game to single shot and just use the 2nd little left MB for burst fire. It also has 2 thumb buttons which I use one for targeting enemies instead of the default MB and the other I use for toggling in an dout of TrueView. And as for your performance I wish I had your rig bc then I would be in heaven. I have a Pentium 4 3.0Ghz 1276 mem and a nvidia 6200 and when people said for so long that this card wouldn;t run it they were all wrong as I have spent lots of time tweakin my vid card settings and reading some of the GREAT tweak advise from some of the other TG guys. I would suggest looking into coolbits if you havent already to access some extra advanced settings within your Nvidia. Hope this helps ya!!
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      Re: Wanna see my new coaster..dumb dumb setup

      Well ...... a bit like thinking your hunting a moose but find you have been stalking a MOUSE.

      I would suggest you go back to default settings after all there are many who are playing quite happily.
      I also suggest that you instal the little gizmo Team Speak overlay as this also shows you your FPS.

      Then slowly I'd change your settings starting with.
      No --- shadows
      Low --- blood
      Force on --- Vsync
      There are plenty of forum posts on BIS suggesting the best settings but please note it is not as simple as chosing the lowest available to you, in fact sometimes increasing your settings speeds up your FPS.

      See Here >>>;f=68;t=56898
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        Re: Wanna see my new coaster..dumb dumb setup

        Originally posted by Barnaby View Post
        Well ...... a bit like thinking your hunting a moose but find you have been stalking a MOUSE.
        Heh..Lovely way of putting it..

        It's not so much different then other FPS's that I can tell...except in first person where you have to use the F-Keys to command the AI... other then that.. WSAD C for Crouch etc...
        (I use the Nostromo also tho.. ;-) but mines the old N50 ..and it doesn't work as well as it did for OFP.. I'm sure it's my fault tho..)
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