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  • Audio Clipping

    Hey guys - I purchased ArmA yesterday and I'm having a little bit of trouble with the audio, just wondering if anybody here has seen a similar problem. I've searched the bohemia troubleshooting forums and couldn't really find any relevant threads.

    intel c2d 2.13
    2 gigs ram
    7900GS 256MB
    using a Tascam US-122 for audio

    While in game, the audio has this annoying 'clip-out' sound that constantly occurs for most sounds. Especially noticeable with the voice commands, but also happening with all sound effects. His words aren't distorted, but the audio skips/clips out about once for every word he speaks. Really short sound effects like rifle fire doesn't seem to be impacted very much, but every now and then you can notice the clipping on that as well.

    I'm running the game on relatively high settings, but I've turned everything down to Very Low and the exact same audio symptoms occur. Tried it with the EAX and Hardware Acceleration on and off, doesn't seem to change much either. Tried adjusting the volume levels, but it still does it, just at a different volume level. There doesn't seem to be any other options that I can toggle around to try and fix it and I'm not really familiar with ArmA console hacking like you can do with half-life games.

    Currently downloading a 330 meg patch, but I haven't read anything to indicate it'll clear up this particular problem.

    Any ideas? (other than unplugging my speakers...)

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    Re: Audio Clipping

    Try the 1.09 beta patch to see if it clears up you issues. If you are still having any problems, catch one of us on TS and we may be able to walk you through some trouble shooting.

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