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Any way to tell which mods ARE loaded?

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  • Any way to tell which mods ARE loaded?

    I've installed some mods (sound,plant et. etc.) and am using the ArmedA Launcher to start the game.

    What I'm wondering is if there is a simple command line or some other way to show which mods were successfully loaded.

    Apparently the Launcher doesn't return any error messages. I purposely put in the wrong drive letter (or is it even needed??) with no error returned.

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    Re: Any way to tell which mods ARE loaded?

    the only way to tell if mods are loaded properly is to see them in game
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      Re: Any way to tell which mods ARE loaded?

      That's not true. There'd be no easy way to check for mod-dependent errors (or errors resulting from mixing and matching from different mods), but it should be entirely easy to create an extension that monitors ArmA's loading sequence for mod files.




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