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  • New to Arma

    Hi guys,

    Im new to Arma (normally PR) and would like a few pointers.


    My system basics are as follows: Athlon dual core 2.41, 2 GB ram, Nvidia 8800 GTS o/c 2 320MB (580 and 1700 mhz)

    What kind of performance can I expect. I run a Samsung Syncmaster 24" monitor and have been playing at 16 by 1050 up to now and I still experience some noticeable slowdown with foliage. Also I get some usually fatal scope lag in combat lol.

    If I should upgrade my gfx card what would you recommend. I thought about the new top end 1gb cards from Nvidia but I don't want to have to upgrade my PSU as well as I am saving to build a complete new system. Current PSU is 550w I think. I thought about faster RAM but I am dumber than dirt with computers so thought a new card would be the best bet.

    Second server.

    I bought the Gold edition with Queens Gambit and it has only got one short cut/start up on the desktop, so how do I get things sorted so I can join the second server eventually?


    I considered myself a reasonably tactical gamer who could handle a rifle pretty well in PR and most other FPS. Having played some of the single player missions on ARMA I have found that:

    1) I am apparently an average shot at best, at least in terms of target aquisition

    2) I have no idea how to move tactically using cover and the contours of the land as I am usually spotted, however carefully I proceed.

    3) I possibly have bells attached to my boots when moving as I seem to attract a lot of attention.

    4) The lag affecting my system watches me as I play and intervenes at the most 'hilarious' moments, usually when I have finally figured something out but am engaged in a firefight.

    When do you guys get online most? Once I get a few things figured out I would like to link up with anyone who has the patience to walk me through a few games. I am a serious PR player, I pick (some) things up quick and I really enjoy the more tactical, immersive aspects of military sims.

    Whilst my first love is PR, the wait for the latest patch got me curious and what I have seen so far of Arma has totally grabbed me. Plus the less forgiving and I assume slower nature of the game probably doesn't attract the vanilla BF2 players that often disrupt the PR server when they refuse to learn.

    Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated as I am looking to get involved. Please feel free to chortle at my utter lack of PC savvy, I am too dumb to have any pride about these sort of things.

    Look forward to seeing some of you online at some stage.

    Cheers, all the best


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    Re: New to Arma

    Can't answer many of your questions but others will.

    I have the Gold Edition also and I found the easiest way to launch the game is with Kegetys Arma Launcher - link above in stickies. You could also copy the shortcut and amend the path - removing the "DBE1" bit at the end.

    With regard to learning the game, with the exception of the basic training I wouldn't bother with the Single player. MP is a whole different game and totally immersive once you get started. I only started playing the game a few months ago and everyone here at TG has been extremely helpful. Just jump online and when you come across something you don't understand just ask.

    Just don't jump into the pilots seat of a helo until you can fly properly, killing yourself is one thing, killing your whole team in the back is something else :-)

    Jump in and enjoy.

    Nil Desperandum Auspice Deo


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      Re: New to Arma

      Performance wise you should be good. I have a similar setup (3 ghz and 4 gb ram though and it's supposed to be overkill) and things are running smooth here.

      I have the same Gold copy with Gambit and had the same problem. Just remove the DBE1 from the shortcut and you can connect to both servers.

      As for the ingame stuff i'm still learning myself. Don't know how much you've learned but i recently found out that you change the different com channels with "," i think. "CAPS lock" is the VOIP button. And to deploy you go to the teleporter flag and use the mouse scroll to chose parachute. Then right click on the map.

      But maybe you know more than me at this point. Either way, see you in there Andy! :D


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        Re: New to Arma

        Hi Wickens

        First...great to have you on board the ArmA train. I hope you'll love it. Its good to see someone so active in PR coming on over to Sahrani.

        Forget about SP. Remove the DBE extension from your shortcut and you'll have no problem getting into Svr 2 (with password of course). Just jump in and let people know you are in the server for the first time and someone will take you under their's what we do :-)

        The AI in Single player is insane with their target acquisition. It's not as bad in MP. Engagments are typically somewhere between 200-500 m out and anything less is danger close. When you get in the server you'll most likely be able to switch out to an M16 or M4 with an ACOG scope so that will help you out alot.

        Server 2 runs a mission called Domination about 3/4 of the time. This is a persistent mission with many objectives that often takes days to complete. The mission tasks units with attacking and holding various cities. In addition there are various side missions that add variety to the city by city campaign. This mission allows people to jump in and approach the game with some flexibility. It's a great mission to get your feet wet before you start experiencing some more involved and objective specific co - op missions. Domination is like a sandbox, if you will.

        Anyway. I'm on every night practically, as well as a solid core of regulars. You'll be impressed with the teamwork I'm sure, as it still amazes me at times. Look for me in game. I'm usually leading a fireteam or in charge of the platoon. I'll be glad to have you in my squad and help you get your feet wet.

        The only thing I'd say is to check your expectations. We play this as a combat simulator and not as a game. Planning is key to execution and we don't allow lone wolves on the server to go running off and just start gunning down targets. Typically you'll find yourself at base for anywhere between 5-20 minutes before we load up and transport to the AO. Typically we'll march for 5-10 minutes to an initial rally and then deply from there to advanced positions. Attacks are generally coordinated affairs utilizing firing lines and multiple weapons systems. Occaisionally we'll have a combined arms operation in place with A-10's or Cobra's working on armor before the infantry moves in to clean up.

        We're always looking to develop leaders and your reputation for SL precedes you. it won't be long before we are tasking you with leading men in battle I'm sure.

        Good luck mate.
        ARMA Admin (retired)
        Pathfinder-Spartan 5


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          Re: New to Arma

          I have pretty much same set up so I suggest you run everything on medium and leave anti aliasing on low or off. Id say if you wanted better performance get more ram becuase the 8800gts is pretty good.
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            Re: New to Arma

            ^^ what Grunt said! Great to have you over in ArmA mate, I think you will like it! Like mentioned, don't put much stock in the single player, multi player is where you will learn your trade, and there are lots of guys in game and in forums to help you put if you have any problems! Jump on around 8pm GMT and the server usually fills up pretty quickly! See you in their!


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              Re: New to Arma

              Let me try to answer your tech questions, and welcome to ArmA!

              Your GPU is fine, but ArmA is an overly system-intensive game, so expect some slowdown. For an 8800, just scale back the AA and you should be fine. If you really want to buy a new "top-of-the-line" GPU, you'd need a new power supply to support it. I can only really recommend the 4870, as it's $300 cheaper than nVidia's latest, with 98% the performance. Or you could go all-out and buy a 4870x2, like I'm doing later in the year.

              Faster RAM won't help you, unless you're using Vista, in which case MORE memory would be preferred over FASTER memory.


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                Re: New to Arma

                Being a recent newcomer to ARMA I have to say ARMA is really the school of hard knocks. Bullets perform in a manner not seen in most fps(bf2 series/mods, CoD series). Using the environment and utilizing tactics beyond the classic "ok lets stick together and clear this part of the map" are necessary if not unavoidable to do anything. ARMA can be really slow paced and hard but I find it to be one of the most rewarding games I have ever played.


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                  Re: New to Arma

                  Thanks for the helpful replies fellas and it's great to see some friendly faces I recognise, Grunt, Jeepo and Superfast etc. As regards the gfx card I am seriously looking at the HD4870 as apparently it's power draw is low and runs happily off a 450W psu which leaves me with headroom. It appears to be a reasonable enough step up from the 8800 GTS 320MB o/c2 to warrant 179. I don't want to spend much more than that as I am stockpiling beer tokens for my next build.

                  Managed to get on the 2nd server last night by copying my shortcut and deleting the MOD exe thing lol. Thanks to Flinch for helping me with the flagpole/teleport/paradrop problem, much appreciated. I am going to be dragging my knuckles for a while in this game chaps to say the least so any help will be greatfully received, evolution will take its own sweet time.

                  I can already see how squad leading in ArmA could be fantastic as it seems to offer much more flexibility and options. I think that's a long, long way off for me yet lol, probably should work out what all the butttons do first before I start sending men to their inevitable and yet most likely, avoidable deaths.

                  Gonna try and jump in a few times this week so hopefully see some of you in game soon.




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                    Re: New to Arma

                    Andy one thing, i've been playing a bit more lately and i actually had to lower the graphics settings under advanced because of some lag spikes. I turned the post-processing and AA to low, and other stuff that was to high to normal. After that the game was smoother. But yeah, looks like i'll be speeding up my purchase of the 4870 now :D




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