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    Mod folders are a very simple way to launch your game with or without mods to make one you must do this process listed below step by step. First go to your ArmA directory this will be found in my computer, C drive, Program Files, Atari or Bohemia interactive,ArmA once in the directory make a new folder starting with the @ symbol then you may name it what ever you want. so the name of the folder should look like this @mod or whatever you named it then go into that folder and make a new folder called Addons then go into the addon folder you just created and put all your mods there. Now go to your ArmA shortcut make a copy of it. Take the copy and right click it and click properties now go to the target line and add a space to the end and type -mod= then type the name of the mod folder and hit ok so it should look like this "C:\Program Files\Atari\ArmA\arma.exe" [email protected] when you start up this shortcut you will have your mods on when you start up your original shortcut you will have no mods
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    To add to this, you can download any number of ArmA launchers that let you select mods for different servers before launch. ; )




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