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  • A.C.E. Questions

    I've searched for existing answers to these questions and couldn't find any, but I apologize if someone has asked/answered any of this before.

    1. What's up with the binoculars in A.C.E? When I bring them up, I just get a black surface on the inside of them. I don't actually get a scoped/zoomed view. It seems like ACE has broken the binoculars, or maybe just changed the way they work?

    2. The A.C.E. wiki still has a lot of blank spaces to fill in. I assume that there are a lot of new functions to be mapped to keys, but when I scan the key bindings, I don't notice anything new that ACE has added in there that I can bind. Has ACE just managed to avoid requiring new key binds or do I have to do something special to set them up such as using the dev console?

    3. I'm trying to make use of the bootcamp mission that dslyecxi mentions in his guide. The only problem is that I haven't learned how to fly very well yet, so unless I want to crash, I have to drive a slow vehicle all the way to these different ranges. Is there any way I can just spawn there? I could really use some practice but its painful to drive around the map.

    4. I'm having trouble binding my extra mouse buttons. When I click the button for a new keybind, the game doesn't seem to register it, and I don't see anything like a "Mouse btn #4" or anything in the list of available keys. Any advice? The extra buttons seem to work fine with other games.

    5. I see other mods that have been created so that you can make sight adjustments to your rifles so that they zero at different ranges. I'm really interested in this because my marksmanship is pretty crappy. The feature list for A.C.E. mentions being able to do something like this but I can't figure out how. Is this a feature that already exists with ACE, is it coming down the road, or am I just misunderstanding the feature list?

    On a related note, how important is it going to be for me to be able to estimate range/distance to improve my marksmanship? Do some of you actually do this before you fire a shot so you know how to adjust your aim, or do you just kind of go by "feel"/experience and trial and error?


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    Re: A.C.E. Questions

    1# press your zoom in key (default RMB), this is a feature to make compass spotting easier

    2# there is a file for it just dont remeber what its called.


    #4 shoulde be as easy as just changing it, I just changed my extra mouseb buttons and worked fine.

    #5 the only sight adjustment i know of in ace are AT and sniper rifles.


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      Re: A.C.E. Questions

      I'll try to answer what I can.

      1. Use your "Optics" key (the one that brings up your iron sights/scope for a rifle) to use the Binoculars, this was done so you could more easily give compass bearings when using binocs.

      2. They worked around the keybind built into the game. There is a file in the ArmA\Dta\ACE directory that you can change these in. Here are some of the defaults:
      - AT weapon zeroing: Up/Down arrow keys
      - Sniper rifle zeroing: Shift + v
      - Hand grenade throw modes: Shift + h
      - Grenade launcher ranging: Shift + v
      - Jumping: j (if unbound), Shift + j (if bound .. I think)
      - CQB sights for scoped weapons: Shift + f
      - Weapon resting: Shift + Space

      That's all of them I believe.

      3. Can't help you there. My suggestion would be to mess around in the Mission Editor, placing ammo boxes for weapons, and whatever vehicles you want to try out.

      4. Someone else might be able to help you here, but I heard you might need to get latest drivers or a 3rd party program to detect these keys in ArmA ..

      5. It does exist in ACE. It is only used for sniper rifles or vehicle mounted weapons (MK19, M2, etc.). For the other weapons, they are zeroed once, then left alone (that was the explanation given to me for the same question).

      Only time that it is REALLY necessary is when sniping against other players and using AT weapons at over 100m. This ensures you can get a first shot hit, so they won't be alerted and dive for cover, or in the case of AT, waste a valuable round . Also important when using the MK19 for long range fire, as it does not have any tracers, along with low velocity ammo, it can be hard to adjust "by eye", using lots of ammo.

      My advice would be to start practicing as often as possible in game for judging distance. It is vitally important when firing AT weapons, so until you are reasonable confident in judging distance, let a more confident player use the AT weapons (unless there is little other choice, then good luck and hope ya hit it!).


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        Re: A.C.E. Questions

        Thanks for all the advice so far. Helpful bunch of guys here, which is nice.

        Binoculars are working now. I thought I tried zooming with them already, but I guess not. Duh!

        I'll keep playing with the key bindings. At the very least, I can use my logitech mouse utilities to map my extra mouse buttons to keyboard buttons. I also have a Logitech G13 gamepad. I haven't set it up with ArmA yet. I might wait until I play more and get a better feel for which binds are most important for the way I play.

        As far as estimating distance, is there a method of doing that with the binoculars? They seem to have distance and elevation guides, but I don't know how to use them. They might just be there for aesthetics though, dunno.

        Again, thanks for all the help.


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          Re: A.C.E. Questions

          4 - I have the same problem and from what I've seen it's a arma "feature". You can only assign one extra mouse button (Mouse btn #4) in the game, but if your mouse has a software that allows to assign the buttons to keyboard keys (ex: A key -> Mouse button #5), you can use them, by bidding those keys to the actions you want in the game.

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