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Connecting Failed (Demo) vista

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  • Connecting Failed (Demo) vista

    Hi guys,
    I have only just come across the demo of this game and it looks really good.

    Problem i having is that every time i go to connect to a multiplayer game I get the error 'Connecting Failed'.

    I have been searching for the past 3 hours to no joy to my problem :-(

    Ive tried disabling the windows firewall (thats the only one im using), tried resetting the winsock thingy as stated in one of the guides and also somthing about deleting some upnp things which i also tried but still to no avail.. :-(

    Im running Vista Home Premium, AMD x2 3800, HD3870 Graphics and 2.5gb ram.

    Any Ideas as if I like the game ill buy the full ver tomorrow.

    Thanks very much!

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    Re: Connecting Failed (Demo) vista

    I dont know m8, but the demo is horribly bugged and a lot of ppl have problems, I'd suspect the problem wouldnt be carried over to the full game as I also had lots of problems with the Demo. It's not even worth it if u get it to run neways, it's horrible and nothing like the updated modded ARMA :)


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      Re: Connecting Failed (Demo) vista

      I don't know what to say about the demo version. I do not know of too many servers that offer it any more, let alone support it. I hate to say it but it may be worth the money to simply get a copy and we can definitely help you with that version.
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        Re: Connecting Failed (Demo) vista

        Arma Gold is still $19.99 at the Atari site -

        Check it out, it is well worth the $20 dollars





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