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  • Cpu crash?

    Was playing in server 2 today on some mainly tank mission and I got role of CAS (Yes, makes me happy and very entertained...), the AH64 was to act as the CAS while I stayed at base in a AV8 AA Harrier waiting for any enemy air assets to pop up or waiting for the enemy AA emplacement to be taken out which was outside of the air base. I've got the instant VD mod on so I can change the VD and terrain settings anytime I'd like so since I was flying I set it up to 4K (I usually just do 3,500 but this mission was on the map that is all just desert and pretty flat). A air target is called in so I take off and like any average person I want better and want to see more so I set the VD to 5K..

    When I exit out of the 5K set it briefly stutters then lets me go back to playing... I look out in 3rd person and look down at the ground, theres some large squares of the map that loaded and some that didnt (grey squares) Im assuming.. about 2 seconds later I crash to desktop with an error message saying that any unsaved data in ArmA may not of been saved and etc..

    I do the ctrl alt del thing and check; ArmA is running at 300K of mem usage and something called avp.exe is running at 120K.. (AVP is some Kaspersky anti-virus related thing yet it seems to take up copious amount of cpu memory at random times) so I turn my anti virus program off hoping nothing happens and reload up ArmA hoping I can explain why I crashed the AV8 and disconnected.. I try loading into server and it says connection failed, I try again and get in yet then the server desyncs and I cant get past the kit selection screen.

    Sorry, theres a bit to read, was also trying to explain what happened in this thread but does anyone know what might be causing the crashes? If its just my s***ty system or something else.
    Also was wondering if anyone might know wtf is up with this avp.exe BS.

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