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How to modify/silence Radio Voices in ACE Mod

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  • How to modify/silence Radio Voices in ACE Mod

    Hi Everyone,

    A lot of people are interested in quieting those annoying radio voices in Armed Assault. The ACE Mod provides an very easy way to do this.

    Here's how...

    1. Open this file: ace_clientside_config.hpp
    (you can open, edit and save this file with a text editor like NotePad in Windows).

    It is located under the following location: (path to your arma directory)....\ArmA\Dta\ACE\

    This file is the ACE Clientside Config file. You can edit many aspects of the ACE mod here. The changes will only be reflected on YOUR machine and will in no way interfere with your experience gaming on multiplayer servers. Many of the features listed have initutive descriptions for them.

    2. If you have never edited your radio behavior in the ACE Mod the default setting should be on the full feature option. So, search for the following file: #define ACE_RADIO_FULL

    3. Now select the radio profile you want. There are four options. They are listed below (and this is copied stright out of the ace_clientside_config.hpp file)

    Possible selections:
    # Silent: No speech at all. Both Player and AI use no audio files whatsoever.
    # Stealth: Minimal confirmations.
    # Informative: Same as Stealth, More verbose.
    # Full: All voices are active. ArmA default setting.

    Stealth active speech files:
    Negative, Roger, On the way, Moving On, Ready, Waiting

    Informative active speech files:
    Negative, Roger, On the way, Moving On, Ready, Waiting
    Injured, Status Red, Ammo Low, Fuel Low, Out of Ammo, Out of Fuel, Contact, Contact (vehicles), Under Fire, Where Are You?

    Example: #define ACE_RADIO_SILENT
    Example: #define ACE_RADIO_STEALTH
    Example: #define ACE_RADIO_INFORMATIVE
    Example: #define ACE_RADIO_FULL

    4. Replace the default "full" setting line of code with the code of the style you want.
    Example, I want "silent" profile, no darn radio sounds or reporting. So I would enter..

    #define ACE_RADIO_SILENT

    5. Save the file, then do a victory dance (dance part is very important).

    Note: You will still hear Radio chat from PLAYERS when playing online (if its enabled on the server). This feature only modifieds the auto reporting or A.I. reporting. If you want to not hear any radio traffic, turn down your "radio" effects under your Sound Options.

    Hope this helps. Have fun!
    Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity. - General George S. Patton.

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    Re: How to modify/silence Radio Voices in ACE Mod

    Another way to do this is in the mission itself.

    Adding the line: 0 fadeRadio 0;

    Will remove all audio from the radio messages, if you place this is a script that runs on every client, they won't hear any of it.

    Can be helpful for missions that you want specific players (or all) to not hear the radio for whatever reason.




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