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Logitech MX1100 Issues

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  • Logitech MX1100 Issues

    Ok, I've just spent the whole of my down time figuring out this supposedly awesome mice.
    I wanted to use it to chuck it at the neighborhood punks as their late Halloween present.
    Obviously, that didn't happen.

    So, I've installed the Setpoint 4.8 after wait for it...5 hours of Google and reading up troubleshooting forums. Yeah too much time spent for something I bought which was supposed to make my life easier.

    Problem, is whenever I start up the Setpoint. It stays open for about 10seconds then closes. Can't even adjust the settings of the mouse, which renders it useless for me.

    Anyone have the same mouse and can you me point towards the right direction?

    Many thanks.

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    Re: Logitech MX1100 Issues

    lowspeed, i'm using the MX1100 mouse that came with my Wave Pro setup.
    I started with Setpoint 4.60a that came in the box, and i'm not sure but it may have updated once.
    It now says version 4.60.122. I'm running Win7 Pro by the way.

    I have had no problems at all with the mouse other than a little connection problem that i solved by using the extension that came with the original Wave setup I had. Version 4.60 has DPI adjustments which is what I'm guessing you are after. They put the controls for this under the button setup.

    Hopefully you either have this figured out by now or this will help.




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