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  • Miles
    started a topic arma2 newb questions

    arma2 newb questions

    Just a few quick questions:

    1. Is there a way to change my default movement to be walking instead of running when I spawn instead of having to double-tap the shift key? It's only a minor annoyance, but would be nice.

    2. While playing SP, is there a way to disable the little helper dots over units? I have a little transparent green dot over friendlies, red dots on enemies, and white dots on independents. Can I turn that off?

    3. When dealing with AI, is "Hold Fire" the equivalent of "Return Fire", meaning they will not engage enemies, but they will return fire if fired upon? That seems to be the way the AI is behaving, just want to make sure I'm not misunderstanding.

    4. When in High Command mode, is there a way to set a series of waypoints without having the AI automatically start following them? I'd like to set a series of different waypoints for different groups, and then give the command for them all to "go to the next waypoint" at once, but as soon as I start setting waypoints, they start moving.

  • Inkompetent
    Re: arma2 newb questions

    1 - No. It is not possible.

    2 - Dots over units? Only dots I know if are the periphery-dots for close off-screen units. :S

    3 - Yes, 'Hold fire' isn't 100% binary, preventing them from firing. They will just hold fire until they feel so threatened that they need to shoot to survive. Bumping into enemies at closer ranges tend to make the AI shoot even if under 'hold fire' condition.

    4 - Not that I know of.

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