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    OK guys, this is the OFFICIAL thread where you will learn what is what and when to hit that big old DL button. We will be using a TG Yoma server, and will also keep a SM update file as well, just one of the perks.....This thread will remain LOCKED and will only be edited by myself and the Admins to announce updates and any other official server changing issues regarding ACE2.

    Come HERE for update news, and for passwords........ Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, there will be passwords. Last time I opened the servers to the masses we made some great members, and also some stinkers, and all the admins got the hammers busy. However, I will be passwording the servers to prevent a lot of random mismatching going on, and also to cut down on some the the lesser quality players getting in. Some of you moaned to have them open, yet moaned when you got what you wanted. Now just stop the moaning. Any other ACE 2 update threads will be shut by the admins to ensure this one is the primary source of ACE 2 TG information.

    TG servers will almost always be updated on Monday and Friday afternoon, but if any other updates are deemed worthy of breaking this pattern, here is the place to find out.


    Please view the Armed Assault channel description on Teamspeak for the Alpha Server password.

    See below for complete instructions on using YomaSync to download the TG Mod Pack (ACE2 and Map Pack)

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    Re: TG ACE 2 update policy

    This thread is Step Two of How to get started with ArmA2 at TG. If you are completely new to TG and want to make sure you have all the right mods and patches, please visit that thread first, then come back here for Step Two.

    *** This step downloads the TG Mod Pack, which includes both the Map Pack and ACE2

    Step 2) Download and install the TG mod pack using Yoma's automagical AddonSync.

    2A. Download the most recent version of Yoma's AddonSync from here.

    2B. Run the AddonSync program and click the "New Server" button at the top.

    2C. Now you should be in the "Server" tab of the 3 tabs in the upper-left, "Server", "Download addons", and "Launch game". You should also be in the "Auto configuration" tab of 5 sub-tabs that appear lower near the middle.

    2D. Paste this exact link into the "Auto config URL" box (2nd box from the top):
    Then click on the "Import Server" button to the right of that box.

    2E. A new Favorite Server named "Tactical Gamer ACE2" should have been created.

    Now, click on the "Download addons" tab of the 3 tabs near the top-left that were mentioned in 2B. With that tab open, go through the buttons on the left and press "Check for addons". When that finishes, check-mark EVERY box that appears below. Then press "Download addons". You are now downloading the official TG Mod Pack.

    When all of the individual addons in the download list finishes, check them over to see if any of them were missed. Every addon in that list should be highlighted with green with Status "Ok".
    *IMPORTANT* Make sure when you download new updates with yoma you click "Delete Extra Files"
    2F. Of the three tabs mentioned in the prior step, click on the "Launch game" one now. In the bottom-left corner, you will see two buttons. Click on the one that says "Add modset".

    A window titled, "Modset configuration : (Tactical Gamer)" should have popped up. On the left, check-mark the boxes next to "@ACEM and @TGMaps", and then enter "Modset name" in the middle-top box with something like "TG Modset". Click "Save" in the bottom-right, and you should be back to the "Launch game" tab.

    Lastly, in the left window you should see the words "TG Modset", or whatever you selected as your Modset name. Click on those words and they should become highlighted, and "@ACEM and @TGMaps" should have appeared in the box under that one, titled "Mods to use for launch".

    After finishing the rest of the steps, launch the game by clicking on the "launch arma" button in the bottom-right.

    2G. Information about copying the userconfig folder only for players who use or have used the SIX updater. If you didn't use the SIX Updater, ignore this step. (actually, it should be two folders deep:@ACEM\STORE\*.hpp) can be found by clicking here.

    That folder structure is created if a player uses or has used the SIX updater, but it must be manually created/copied when players get ACE through the TG Yoma URL or ACE2 will throw fatal errors. This is not an optional step, it's a problem that has caught a few players already (see link above).

    Thanks to 1longtime for catching this.

    2H. You are finished! Now click here to travel back to the "How to get started" thread and continue until you complete all the steps there.

    Yoma's AddonSync allows TG to update its Mod Pack and make the update available instantly with the click of a button. Every once in a while, or when you find that you are unable to connect to the TG servers, make sure to check for updates by repeating step 2E, checking for and downloading new addons. The updates will usually be small and minor, and you will be able to play upon completion of the new downloads.
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