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Poor framerate.

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  • Poor framerate.

    Ive been getting poor FPS and not sure why.
    My system is more than up to the task of running this game with a good frame rate. I think I just need some help with my settings.
    When everthing is well I get on average 25-30 fps.
    I do dip to 12-20 fps way too often. This is what I want to improve on.
    Below are my current settings and sys info. I hope you guys can help.

    AMD 9650 Phenom quad core at 2.30 ghz
    7 gigs ram. I know strange number.
    Gtx 275 1 gig ram I think. It might be 856mb though.
    640 gig hard drive = samsung hd642jj scsi @ 7200rpm/ ATA 3GBPS
    750 watt power supply
    vista 64

    All drivers for all hardware is up to date. I did notice a small improvement in the 195 nvidia drivers when i updated last.

    Anisotropic filter= app controlled
    antialasing gamma correction=on
    antialsing mode= enhance appl
    antialasing setting=8xq
    antialasing transparency=multisampling
    max rendered frames=4
    multi display gpu acceleration=single display
    power management=maximum
    texture filtering anisotropic sample=on
    texture filtering negative lod bias=allow
    texture filtering trilinear optimization=on
    threaded opt=on
    triple buffering=off
    v sync=forced off
    I have also disabled Physx

    everything set to normal
    post proc effects=off
    running at 150% changing to 1900x1200 doesnt make a difference.
    view distance 1650

    MODS = All ace components, cba, tgmaps, sakusun and pistolfied tracers.

    I am also using game booster and smart ram in the background along with fraps. With the smart ram program, I have seen I rarely will use more than 50% of available ram if that helps. The only programs I dont close is Norton internet secuirity and what is required to keep my cp running.

    What suggestions do you guys have to get my fps at a good constant rate? Where should my frame rate be around?
    I also came across this suggestion and have no idea what this does or how to configure it:
    Alter RenderFramesAhead in ARMA2.cfg

    As always, any help would be appreciated.

    Alter RenderFramesAhead in ARMA2.cfg

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    Re: Poor framerate.

    Drop everything you can to "Application controlled". I see you have 8x AA in there, which is no-no for Arma. The game will want to use its own internal settings.


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      Re: Poor framerate.

      Fin has nailed it on the head. The Nvidia AA is killing it.

      bump max rendered frames down to 2-3 (default was 3)
      Enable triple buffering
      Set your ingame rez to BOTH what your native display is (1900x1200 I assume)

      If it still seems bad, increase your ingame videocard settings (I use max everything except for headache-inducing PP which is off and AA which is on the lowest setting before off), as too low settings perform worse than "appropriate" settings. (one setting on the left side I can't recall needs to be set to "default" to properly use all your videocard ram)

      Only bottleneck you should really see then is realtime level loading. (Solution is an SSD)


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        Re: Poor framerate.

        And in addition to the above, shadows MUST be on High or higher (anything below High and the shadows are rendered by the CPU, not your graphics card). Try running the game with the -winxp shortcut parameter, as well as a beta patch (beta patches allow you to use more than 2GB RAM).

        Experiment with the video memory setting, if Default, High or Very High gives the best performance for you.


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          Re: Poor framerate.

          2 things that I use to help my fps is
          and Landtex makes the ground textures look better than stock game IMO and is also more optimized. Properlowplants changes the grass lods to be more optimized yet it looks just about the same.
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            Re: Poor framerate.

            How can Landtex be more optimized? It's exactly the same resolution and bitrate as the standard ground texture. Is said to look better from the air though. :)

            Proper LowPlants and stuff like that are nice optimizations though


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              Re: Poor framerate.

              Thanks for settings help. Frame rate is great now. The nvidia settings were killing me.
              Socom, the land tx seemed to have helped a bunch too.

              Thanks guys and happy holidays to you and your families!

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