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  • ACE2 download trouble

    I recently got an urge to start playing arma 2 again, due to no small part to the existence of ACE2 now, but I can't seem to get Yoma Addon Sync program to download everything.
    I have updated but yoma ( 1.0.46 ) and Arma, but i still get two errors.

    First is for the file named acex_main.pbo.acex_b165.bisign.7z. The error state that the file cannot be opened as an archive. [ explained ]

    The second is for the file Version.txt.7z. This error says that the extaction could not be done and/because the CRC failed.

    If anyone could help with it, i'd be very gratefull.
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    Re: ACE2 download trouble

    You shouldn't have any trouble missing those files. The version.txt error is normal and I'm not sure if it's a problem with rsync (which Yoma's is based on), but it's basically trying to open a text file as a 7zip file and failing. I get that one too.

    The first one is a bit more worrying as it's a bisign file, which might spell problems when connecting. Try doing an update through Yoma and see if it fixes it, or I can send you the file myself if that doesn't work. It's a bit weird really, updating through Yoma doesn't seem to be deterministic, with some people getting odd errors and missing files. If it doesn't generate any ingame errors in MP don't worry about it.




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