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  • Userconfiguration

    Well, I downloaded all the addons that were needed and it says that I have a user config error. I realized that it was just in the @ACE folder, but I have no idea where to put it. Now when I try to join the server, it says that the following items have been or need to be deleted. (I am not sure) Ace sys weapon, sys ruck, sys wounds, and sys kicklicht. I am so lost.

    It says I cannot play or edit this mission/ the following have been deleted. I did what the directions told me, why must Arma be so difficult lol.
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    Re: Userconfiguration

    Sounds like you aren't launching with the mods enabl. You need to launch with all the mods activated.

    If you're following the forum instructions, then you should re-read the part 2F:

    Create the modset, highlight it, and click Launch Arma.

    Message me if it doesn't work.


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      Re: Userconfiguration

      Inside the ace folder there's a folder called userconfigs
      move that folder to the root directory of ArmA, and if you wish, move the four files it comes with into its own folder inside userconfigs named ACE for more organization, but I don't know if that's necessary or not.

      Also make sure to open clientside config (with wordpad or notepad if you don't have wordpad for some reason) and scroll down until you see a section about class names or "john doe" in quotes. Change the "john doe" to "whatever your playername is in ArmA2" so that you can use some of the ACE2 features related to that.

      Mine looks like
      class Identity
      	name = "Ozymandias";


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        Re: Userconfiguration

        Thanks for the help, got it!




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