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ARMA 2 Crashes

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  • ARMA 2 Crashes

    I am running windows xp pro, have a nvidia 9400 video card, amd 3.0ghz dual core processor. Lately ARMA 2 will crash after playing for less than an hour, it won't say anything just shut down my computer. I have updated all the drivers I could, checked the event log which didn't have anything relvent, and no errors come up when it crashes. I just took apart my computer last night to clean dust and make sure all the parts are properly seated and they were. It is also not just ARMA is crashes on, it is just about any game, on Grand Theft Auto 4 I get a bsod for less than a second then my computer shuts down, and I don't think any software I have would do this because I have used the same combination many times before. I ran a memorty diagnostic when I boot up before I choose what to boot and it says it will show up when I restart, but it doesn't show up on xp or windows 7. I am starting to think it is a hardware problem unless anyone has other advice. Also if anyone knows what piece it could be before I start poking around all day. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: ARMA 2 Crashes

    Might need to update your chipset drivers

    I had similar problems.
    Hope this helped

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