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Cant join TG server

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  • Cant join TG server

    As of todays update via Addon Sync I can no longer join TG server. I keeps saying "can not edit/modify mission, dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted.oac_core. I downloaded the update via yoma and then clicked on delete extra files after download completed. I tried these steps a few times. Everything is downloaded when i check. Any ideas? I havnt modified anything.
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    Re: Cant join TG server

    1. Run the Addon Sync again to check again for the downloads. I think they were changed during the middle of the day. See if you need to download something new, or if you can delete extra stuff
    2. Make sure that your launch tag line is correct. This forum has a couple of ways to set it up.
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      Re: Cant join TG server

      Thanks. Tried that before and checked mod line. Everything looked good but wasnt working then. All of a sudden, I can connect now. Not sure why but its working now. Thanks for the help. See you out there.




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