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Problem with in game action menu.

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  • Problem with in game action menu.

    Hi, when playing in game such as a medic, it doesn't let me heal anyone or use my action menu. It won't let me heal people, plant satchel charges, and the sites on my rifles will not appear such as on the red dot site, the red dot will not appear. My ace version should be 2.25 since yesterday I was able to play on the avgani map. So far I have only had this happen to me on the Avgani style maps. It was very frustrating that basically the only thing I could do in game was shoot. I need my action menu back, any suggestions?

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    Re: Problem with in game action menu.

    On this forum, more than halfway down the page, Falcon's and Longtime's post should help with problems that can be easily fixed.
    ACE Interaction Key and ACE Googles Guide
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      Re: Problem with in game action menu.

      The red dot not working is a known bug, picking a different weapon is the only thing you can do.

      Damnit Blizzard, fix ZvT already >.<
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