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With new update, problem with script?

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  • With new update, problem with script?

    So, for those of you out there who know scripting. I am very new to everything scripting, and truth be told, this is the only script I've ever used.

    Its for refueling, rearming, and repairing of air units within the 'rearmlist' trigger zone. Well, with the new update from Yoma, I notice that I no longer get rearmed...

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

    _unit = _this select 0;

    // Don't start the script until the unit is below a height of 2, and make sure they hold that
    // height for at least 3 seconds.
    WaitUntil{(getPos _unit select 2)<2};
    sleep 3;
    if((getPos _unit select 2)>2 || not (_unit in list Rearmlist)) exitWith{};

    _unit setFuel 0;
    _unit VehicleChat "Repairing...";
    sleep 15;
    _unit setDammage 0;
    _unit VehicleChat "Rearming...";
    sleep 10;
    _unit setVehicleAmmo 1;
    _unit VehicleChat "Refueling...";
    sleep 5;
    _unit setFuel 1;
    _unit VehicleChat "Finished.";

    if(true) exitWith{};

    Edit: Well, I found out that as long as I'm not completely out of rockets or hellfires, as long as there is at LEAST one - it will rearm me. Never noticed this problem before.

    So with that said, anyone have a script similar to this one that can rearm an aircraft or any other vehicle regardless of ammo count?
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    Re: With new update, problem with script?

    Hey, this question is better for this forum:

    ...but to answer the question, use a tool to unpack PBO files (Eliteness or cPBO) and open Domination in the editor, you can see how the service pads are called in the trigger init and then open the corresponding SQF file (x_reload.sqf). It's a long file to post, but it's very thorough and it's in Domination located here:



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      Re: With new update, problem with script?

      Thanks you on both accounts
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        Re: With new update, problem with script?

        I almost forgot to mention, x_reload.sqf uses a function called XfVehicleChat which is in Domination. The reload script won't have dialog for the driver/gunner/etc if it's not present.

        If you copy x_reload.sqf and use it, you can just paste this into the top of it:

        //from x_clientfuncs.sqf
        // display a text message over vehicle chat
        // parameters: vehicle, text
        // example: [vehicle player,"Hello World!"] call XfVehicleChat;
        XfVehicleChat = {
        	(_this select 0) vehicleChat (_this select 1);
        ...or you can copy the whole source file here:

        ...and use #include




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