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Need help!!!!!How to use the ACE mod??

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  • Need help!!!!!How to use the ACE mod??

    I have finished putting ACE and CBA mod into my main ARMA2 inventory but I cannot find the difference between the original game and the mod added game. Is there something wrong? Can anybody help me?

    p.s. I just put the @CBA and @ACE folder in my arma2 inventory. Anything else i need?
    p.s.2 My ARMA2 is steam digital version.
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    Re: Need help!!!!!How to use the ACE mod??

    Have a look Here it has all the info you need to get your game uptodate to play on the servers.

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      Re: Need help!!!!!How to use the ACE mod??

      Make sure you start the game with mod lines (I recommend putting -World=Empty and -nosplash while you're at it.)

      You can do with with Yoma somehow, I haven't tried it though, or you can right click the shortcut and edit the path under properties.

      If you're using the steam version you can add ArmA2 as a nonsteam game and edit the path line there, or you can just go to the arma2 directory and make shortcuts but you will not have access to the steam overlay this way, or you can right click ArmA2 on the steam games list and edit the launch path there if you don't think you'll be using vanilla again (I know I won't be =P) [you can edit it back to normal if you feel like it]


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        Re: Need help!!!!!How to use the ACE mod??

        With steam, right click on the game, go to properties and then launch options. In the tag line [email protected];@CBA, etc. Make sure that the folders match the ones that are in your directory (its case sensitive)
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          Re: Need help!!!!!How to use the ACE mod??

          Thank you very much guys. Problem solved. BTW, the ace2 is freaking awesome!!




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