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Banned? Kicked? Read this first!

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  • Banned? Kicked? Read this first!

    Note: You are responsible for all actions taken on your account, regardless whether it was you on the account at the time. The decisions of the admin team still stand even if it actually was your brother, your roommate, your cousin, your friend, your girlfriend, your boyfriend, your sister, your nephew, your neighbor, or your dog using your account. (The preceding ripped from the friendly admins down at BF2 :))

    If you were unexpectedly kicked right when joining the server, it is most likely that you have not downloaded or installed the latest ArmA 2 Patch or the Official TG Map Pack that runs on servers. To get information on the TG Servers, Patches, and Map Pack, click here.

    If you think you WERE violating any Server Rules, then please continue reading below to resolve your issue.

    If you just need to contact an admin for any other reason, please scroll down to the next post of this thread.

    The following are guidelines for posting a ban appeal or kick complaint in the Contact an Admin Forum. We understand that there are other reasons for which you might post a thread in that forum (reporting problem players, suggestions, etc.), in which case, you may just go ahead and post your thread.

    Important! Please ONLY post these threads in the Contact an Admin Forum, and NOT in any other of the ArmA Forums. Unban requests posted in any other forum will be locked and deleted!

    Ban Appeals and Kick Complaints

    This section explains how to correctly post a ban appeal or kick complaint. If you are not posting either of these, please go ahead and post your thread, and we will try to respond to it as soon as we can. Please follow all the steps to ensure that your ban gets processed.

    Step 1: Copy the following format to use in your ban appeal. You MUST fill out all the information when you create your thread.
    • EXACT In-Game Name:
    • Your Player ID Number: (See instructions below if you need help locating this number)
    • Explain your Issue:

    Step 2: Create a new thread in the ArmA Contact an Admin Forum by clicking here, and paste into that thread the format you just copied above.

    Step 3: Fill out all the information required by the format, and await an admin response in your thread. The ArmA Contact an Admin Forum is a semi-private forum set up so that only you can see the threads that you make.

    Locating your ArmA-PID

    This section will explain how you can retrieve your ArmA Player-ID Number, which is necessary when posting an unban request as per the format allotted above.

    1. Load up ArmA and select Player Profile:

    2. Select your player profile and hit the edit button:

    3. In the bottom-left corner you will see your ArmA-PID:

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    Re: Banned? Kicked? Read this first!

    Contacting an Admin

    This section explains the various ways to contact one of the ArmA Admins. The options depend on how quick of a reponse you will get, which, in the end, depends on the situation.

    Method 1: The quickest and easiest way to contact an admin for any reason OTHER than appealing a ban is to hop on's own TeamSpeak Server. Please note that you MUST have a registered forum account here for the above link to work properly so you can access TeamSpeak. Use this method for important questions, technical support, reporting problems on the server, and anything else you can come up with.

    Method 2: Though not preferred over Teamspeak, the ArmA Admin Team has established an xFire group, which can be found here or by clicking on the link below. Admins won't always check or respond to their xFire when in-game, so Teamspeak is still the better way to go for urgent matters.

    Method 3: If time is not an issue (maybe the problem player already left the server, etc.), then please start a thread in the ArmA Contact an Admin Forum, and we will try to respond as soon as we can. This way will be slower than hopping on TeamSpeak, thus, will have a delayed response.

    Method 4: If you wish to contact an individual ArmA Admin, then a complete list of them is provided here. After clicking on the desired admin's name in that thread, find the 'Contact Info' tab, and select the link that says:
    Send a private message to <Admin's name>

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