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Windows 7, SSD, Symlinks, and ArmA2

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  • Windows 7, SSD, Symlinks, and ArmA2

    I've got a question for you guys...
    I've got Windows 7 installed on my new SSD. It's only 60GB, so after i disable hybernation and possibly shrink my page file I'll have about 50GB left to play with. I'm planning on installing all of my commonly used apps like AutoCAD, Revit, ArmA2 (w/ all TG mods), and maybe Crysis (still wanna beat that before the second comes out) on the SSD. I am going to symlink the windows "users" folder to my spindle drive to keep all of my media and documents and such off of the tiny little SSD which will be close to full when I am done with it.

    My question is...

    If I symlink my "users" folder, is ArmA going to be drawing anything off of that spindle drive while I am playing it?
    I am pretty sure it keeps saved games in the "users" folder, but how about profile info? I don't have the game installed anymore and I can't remember if it uses your "users" folder for anything important.

    If ArmA does use this folder to actually run the game then I guess my path would be to symlink individual folders such as "my music", "my video", etc. to the spindle and leave the "users" on the SSD.

    I'm anxious to try this thing out and get back to playing ArmA. School has been kicking my tail this semester so I haven't had much time to "play".

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    Re: Windows 7, SSD, Symlinks, and ArmA2

    Hey, I just happened to be reading this forum...

    I think Arma2 will not hit the "users" folder very often, but it will be read upon game load. I chose to link subfolders to the spindle rather than the whole "users" folder, but I doubt it makes much difference.


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      Re: Windows 7, SSD, Symlinks, and ArmA2

      To answer Gung's PM: "I should have asked, which folders did you symlink to the spindle and which ones did you leave on the SSD?"

      I installed Win7 on the SSD and kept all the original OS folders unmodified. I added shortcuts wherever I felt I needed quick folder navigation, but I didn't symlink anything in "Users" at all. My symlinks have all been in the "steamapps" folder, since that's where my monster folders are located. I install all apps directly to the SSD but immediately move almost all new applications to the platter drives, except for the apps that I want to be fast (ie-- Arma2 and other texture-heavy games that do alot of disk reads). As for music/movies, I just created another folder on the platter disk and created a simple Windows shortcut.

      Your results may vary, but I liked the idea of having ALL of the OS run on the SSD.

      I have found that, by far, Steam gobbles up the most app-related disk space, so that's where I offload files. Steam itself is still installed on the SSD (my C: ).


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        Re: Windows 7, SSD, Symlinks, and ArmA2

        You'll be running into the following things related to arma2 with your users folder:

        1. MP mission files
        2. User configs

        neither of these are disk intensive, and you wont run into any sort of performance hit with arma2 by having those files on the platter disk.

        BUT - I don't know how ArmA2 uses temp files. Don't forget - a good chunk of default temp files (unless you changed the variables) are in your user dir.

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          Re: Windows 7, SSD, Symlinks, and ArmA2

          Thanks jaynus, it looks like I will probably be leaving the users folder on the SSD. I am planning on only relocating my documents and media folders after some looking around.

          5 more weeks of school, so hopefully by then the whole update process will have settled down a little. I don't feel like messing around with installing the game and all the mods again until then, but I have been itching for some ArmA lately so we'll see.




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