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  • Weirde issue

    Had to reinstall windows and of course all my files. Got arma and all the associated stuff set up for play on the tg servers. Came across and unusual problem, when ever I connect to any server with an active missions, I don't see any player slots. It doesn't matter what server or mission. Now if I happen to be connected to the server when a new mission starts, I can see the player slots but when I click on them nothing happens. Now a player admin can still slot me but for what ever reason I can't do it myself.

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    Re: Weirde issue

    Hello johnflenaly,

    That issue doesn't sound like a techinical one but of game options.
    Reason that you're not being able to join the game is due to the game set up itself. i.e. by turning the AI slots off.
    As for admin that can only slot you would mean that, that admin has selected you on his screen therefore you not being able to choose a slot.
    Next time try to inform them of the situation in text or TS3 before they launch the game.

    Hopefully this helps.

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