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Sniper animation incorrect, bug or fixable?

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  • Sniper animation incorrect, bug or fixable?

    BI Studios offers about as much support as boxer shorts. I really am tired of their attitude and wonder why i go there, anymore. Anyways,... here is my issue.

    I searched to no avail. I have no idea if this is the right area, but I'll ask here and seek forgivness if it is not.

    Using ACE2 and VTS3.5 which I doubt have any bearing on this issue but I'll put it out there anyways...

    Sniping, prone, get range to tango with the Vector, swap to the M40A3... but the animation is wrong. The character switches to the M40A3, then to the M1911, then stands, then switches back to the M40A3.

    This only happens when the Vector has been powerd with batteries. Don't load batteries, no problem, load batteries and the animation goes berserk.

    Is this fixable by any means or is there a work around (that is slicker than just switching to the 1911 and then the M40A3, which prevents the character from standing up, at least)?

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    Re: Sniper animation incorrect, bug or fixable?

    Since the Vector is not part of the basic game, and since it sounds like your encountering this issue with a piece of gear and feature set in ace...
    I would suggest you actually go to the mod team's webpage and fill out a bug report.

    This bug has already been filed though, ... It would be best if you comment and give the exact specifics for how you encountered it and how it is not always present to assist with whatever action they may take.
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      Re: Sniper animation incorrect, bug or fixable?

      also suggest placing any mod or tech questions in the correct sections

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        Re: Sniper animation incorrect, bug or fixable?

        *Thread Moved To Correct Section*


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          Re: Sniper animation incorrect, bug or fixable?

          One thing to remember is that ACE2 is still a very "work-in-progress" mod, so the only way to fix these issues is by signalling them to the ACEDevs, like it was done in the ticket Impulse9 linked.
          Since this means waiting at least for the next update, here are a couple of workarounds you can use to not stand up in the middle of a field and getting lit up by everything with a gun and their grandmothers:
          -put the handgun in the backpack: not optimal, but as long as the gun is in the backpack, you don't have to worry about this
          -when putting away the Vector/SOFLAM the character will start switching to the handgun as part of the bugged animation; if left alone, the character will stand up and then switch to the proper gun, but you can halt this by selecting the handgun (via the action menu or the quick-key) while the character is switching to the handgun: the character will then switch to primary and then to secondary, but he will NOT stand up at the end. At this point just select your rifle, and the character will switch to that, all while remaining prone.

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