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Missing @zcommon_ace ??

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  • Missing @zcommon_ace ??

    Alright so im still a little confused by how to work the AddonSync thing but when I enter in server it tells me I need to update my ACE.

    I got the @acem & @tgmaps in the modset but am missing @zcommon_ace that it says is required on the server..

    Help? and also would that even fix it or is my @acem bugged?

    Ah and when I go to download addons part of the server theres only @acem to download, the @tgmaps is off some different server.

    Little bit confusing.
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    Re: Missing @zcommon_ace ??

    A new yoma link merges ace and maps now.

    Probably the easiest thing is to delete your old yoma server favorites, @mod folders and Ace keys (minus your known personal mods) and make a new favorite to re-download using this link only:


    Use this link to continue to update the @ACEM Folder
    This Yoma/Addon sync now contains the USERCONFIG FOLDER
    If you do not want to overwrite your userconfig folder, uncheck it before you download
    This new version of the addon sync comes with a copy of the userconfig.tar file from \@acem\store already extracted into the following folder. -- \@acem\store\userconfig\ace\
    Then you know you have all the ace files needed for TG.
    Don't forget to fix your ACE userconfig with your profile and keybinds, after updating it. You probably need the latest userconfig files also.

    janus has a tool to help here:


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      Re: Missing @zcommon_ace ??

      Don't worry about @zcommon_ace. You just need @acem, @tgmaps, and userconfig, thats it.
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