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  • Yoma problems and solution


    First an error in the current system:

    The yoma link ( provided on the bulletin board has a file "bink_us_acu_c.pbo" (I believe it is binkowski's us army textures/models) in @ACEM. The "alternate link" (, doesn't. I'm unsure if it is there by mistake or whether the alternate link is missing this file.

    This brings up the Yoma link debate again, and I want to propose a solution which should satisfy it once and for all.

    Before, the link contained @CBA, @ACE, @ACEX, @ACEX_PLA, @ACEX_SM and @TG (I cant remember if there was a separate @TGMaps). This meant that someone using SixUpdater to get ACE could, if he had the correct ACE version, sync with Yoma and only recieve the extra files (maps and other mods) that TG uses to compliment ACE.

    The @ACEM, @TGMaps system came about (I imagine) because:
    • People we concerned that with such a continuous stream of updates (as there was at the time) for ACE, people would constantly have the wrong version if they used SixUpdater
    • People who wanted to play on servers with the most up-to-date version of ACE could not because their @CBA, @ACE, @ACEX, @ACEX_PLA and @ACEX_SM folders had to be kept in line with the TG Yoma link
    • People's startup line was getting too long

    @ACEM then contains the proper version of ACE for TG, and any other mods that the TG servers used. This is an important point - let me know if it is not supposed to be this way. @TGMaps would hold TG specific maps of course.

    The problem comes, as in my case, when you want to use SixUpdater to update ACE, and use Yoma for the TG specific stuff. I have to manually create my @ACEM folder twice a week with files from my SixUpdater updates. This means I have two copies of ACE on my HD at any one time (I have to keep the @ACE, ACEX, etc. files for SixUpdater to sync to).

    This is stupid.

    It is epecially so as the only difference between the @ACEM folder and the @ACE, @ACEX, etc. folders is the binkowski textures/models .pbo (since we no longer use mando missle)!

    I can't use the alternate link either because it doesn't contain any TG specific mods (again at the moment just the binkowski textures/models), just @TGMaps.

    My solution is as follows and should keep all parties happy:

    Keep the @ACEM folder as is but either:

    1. Move any TG specific mods into @TGMaps (and possibly rename it @TG)


    2. Move any TG specific mods (at this time just binkowski's textures) into a new folder called @TGMods

    What results will this have?
    • SixUpdater users can use Yoma to just download the TG specific files and then play with their standard @ACE folders and @TG. All they will have to do is check the box in addonsync for @TG and not the rest.
    • People who want to update all their files with Yoma can do so too, checking the box for ACEM
    • In this situation an alternative link (in the format of @CBA, @ACE, @ACEX etc., with @TG) is still an option - for those who want to revert their standard ACE files if they have updated too far.

    Best of both worlds no?

    Again, if the binkowski thing is supposed to be(and if mando missle was) in TGMaps all along, then all this was a waste of time and it was just an error.
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    Re: Yoma problems and solution

    Well balls. The Binkowski thing is part of ACEX. No error then, but my point about making sure TG specific mods don't go into the @ACEM folder in future (but into @TGMaps, @TGMods or a combined @TG folder) still stands (and maybe that is/has been the plan). My biggest post so far and it may have been a waste of time. Could have been playing Arma2 all along, but still maybe it was worth making the point.

    EDIT: to whoever moved this, this was more an idea about how to structure the folder system, not a tech support request, which is why i posted it in general (apart from the fact that general is where most people read I imagine).
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    "Can't waste a day when the night brings a hearse
    So make a move and plead the fifth 'cause you can't plead the first."

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      Re: Yoma problems and solution

      @TGMaps is used for all TG specific addons, was that way when we used mma AFAIK, just a confusing name


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        Re: Yoma problems and solution

        I've not been able to attach chemlights last couple updates, anyone else having that problem?


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          Re: Yoma problems and solution

          I am going to try to make this as simple as possible
          If you use six or are new to TG and already played arma, w/o the @ACEM folders, use this link

          It will only update your @ACE/@ACEX/@ACEX_SM/@ACEX_PLA/@CBA + @TGMaps
          If your six is current, it will be matched to the same version that TG is, you do not need to use @ACEM or create this folder in some manner ...
          If your six is out of date from not running this will only patch the files that are affected in your normal six download locations.
          This is intended as a minimal patch requirement for new members that are from other arma communities and or new public players that had not adopted the @ACEM folder.
          This is also created so that TG Members that wish to abandon the @ACEM one folder approach can do so at their choice.

          The @ACEM folder is there for people who have it already and could care less about six updater.
          It is one folder, but it contains everything that the individual folders do.

          If you have any older flavored @TG folders, such as @TG, @TGModpack or @TGCAA1 etc... they are taking up space and should be removed/deleted

          IF YOU USE SIX, and are up to date ... you can use the normal modline to launch ace with the normal ace folders, just add @TGMaps.
          Again, you do not need to copy any random files or feel the need to recreate @ACEM ... (in part this is to avoid people creating acem)

          The only three ACE Yoma repositories that TG is using, are the following

          ACE+ACEX+ACEX_SM+ACEX_PLA+CBA+TGMAPS = (Standard ACE Folders + TGMaps)
          ACEM+TGMAPS = (One Folder Ace Approach)
          TGTEST = (Test mods/updates for Charlie server before deployment to Alpha/Bravo)

          The ACEM folder is created as follows on the serverside before packaging in yoma for disturbution --- (will edit later as I am driving)

          rmdir /s /q c:\ArmA2\_FTP\A2_105\@ACEM
          mkdir c:\ArmA2\_FTP\A2_105\@ACEM
          7z x c:\ArmA2\_FTP\A2_105\@ACE\STORE\userconfig.tar -y -oC:\ArmA2\_FTP\A2_105\
          7z x c:\ArmA2\_FTP\A2_105\@ACE\STORE\userconfig.tar -y -oC:\ArmA2\_FTP\A2_105\@ACE\STORE\
          xcopy c:\ArmA2\_FTP\A2_105\@ACE\Addons c:\ArmA2\_FTP\A2_105\@ACEM\Addons\ /h /e /c /k /y
          xcopy c:\ArmA2\_FTP\A2_105\@ACEX\Addons c:\ArmA2\_FTP\A2_105\@ACEM\Addons\ /h /e /c /k /y
          xcopy c:\ArmA2\_FTP\A2_105\@ACEX_SM\Addons c:\ArmA2\_FTP\A2_105\@ACEM\Addons\ /h /e /c /k /y
          xcopy c:\ArmA2\_FTP\A2_105\@ACEX_PLA\Addons c:\ArmA2\_FTP\A2_105\@ACEM\Addons\ /h /e /c /k /y
          xcopy c:\ArmA2\_FTP\A2_105\@CBA\Addons c:\ArmA2\_FTP\A2_105\@ACEM\Addons\ /h /e /c /k /y
          xcopy c:\ArmA2\_FTP\A2_105\@ACE\Store c:\ArmA2\_FTP\A2_105\@ACEM\Store\ /h /e /c /k /y
          xcopy c:\ArmA2\_FTP\A2_105\@ACEX\Store c:\ArmA2\_FTP\A2_105\@ACEM\Store\ /h /e /c /k /y
          xcopy c:\ArmA2\_FTP\A2_105\@ACEX_SM\Store c:\ArmA2\_FTP\A2_105\@ACEM\Store\ /h /e /c /k /y
          xcopy c:\ArmA2\_FTP\A2_105\@ACEX_PLA\Store c:\ArmA2\_FTP\A2_105\@ACEM\Store\ /h /e /c /k /y
          xcopy c:\ArmA2\_FTP\A2_105\@CBA\Store c:\ArmA2\_FTP\A2_105\@ACEM\Store\ /h /e /c /k /y
          As you can see above ... We delete the entire ACEM Folder each update, and rebuild it from scratch with each update to ensure that no extra files/outdated files are left over, the only files that are in any way modified from standard SIX are the userconfig files, by having them preextracted into the @\ACE\STORE\USERCONFIG\ACE folder, and to the root of arma \USERCONFIG\ACE folder for convience on new udpates. This folder is completely optional to download and I only include it for new users to have a easier time in updating/editing their userconfig files.
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