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    Hey guys,

    I'm trying to get the shack tac hud working and I followed the installation instructions but it will no show up in game. Do i need to download the CBA addon or is that included with the TG mod pack through yoma?

    Also I cannot get the digital compass to work for some reason after following the installation instructions :/

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    Re: Addon Help

    CBA is included with @ACEM, so you should be good in that regard.
    If you happened to be running the standard ACE folders, then you should also have CBA
    The most important thing to keep in mind, as a refresher, when installing mods, is that they need

    1 be in your game's mod line
    2 be in a mod folder
    3 in the mod folder's subfolder named \addons

    so if you had STHud in the mod folder named @STHUD
    Your game shortcut might look something like this

    ArmA2.exe [email protected];@TGMaps;@STHUD

    The mod folder @STHUD would look like something as follows
    The views expressed herein are my own and do not necessarily represent the views of or of any other TacticalGamer ArmA Administration member, reader discretion is advised.


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      Re: Addon Help

      All that is fine, it's in @sthud and it shows up as a mod folder in yoma. ACE is up to date and I can join the TG servers no problem.

      WarFX, CSM2, lowplants, and rte editor are working fine. For some reason I just can't get either ST Hud to work or the compass which is strange. I'm launching the game through yoma to make life easier. It doesn't work when I add to the mod line manually either though.


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        Re: Addon Help

        I re-arranged my mod string and put it farther up the line and it's working now.




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