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  • ACRE trouble

    OK so I have ACRE and ACE and everything installed/downloaded all that jazz. I have enabled the plugin in TS3.
    My modline is CBA;ACE;ACEX;ACE_SM;ACRE;Jaynusthingy;TGMAPS;SThud

    In game I press CTRL+shift+V and I get a pop up but no radio names or anything in the screen. I see make active, open radio and close but no actual radios listed. I made sure I had a radio in my inventory but its still doesnt show up. Please help

    EDIT: I was getting a Jaynus library invalid error on start up and saw through a google search to move a dllsound file which I did and got rid of the error. Just in case that's relevant

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    Re: ACRE trouble

    Fixed it with a lil help from Soupy.

    For anyone who runs into the same problem, I got OA from Sprocket which doesnt give you the proper 1.52 patch. Download the most recent build of 1.52 patch from the ArmA2 website. Also make sure the acre.dll is in the proper subfolder in your TS3 plugins. Somehow another subfolder had been created in my plugins folder and the .dll was put in there which was causing the problem.




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