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ARMA2 SLI setup

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  • ARMA2 SLI setup

    Has anybody bothered tweakign their SLI setup for a decent improvement?

    I know my graphics cards are not a bottleneck, am just kinda curious what other people with an SLI setup have done beyonf the defaults for the game.

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    Re: ARMA2 SLI setup

    Sorry I can't help you there Toshido. However, from what I've heard in the past and with abit of research due to my own curiosity. The main culprit is the CPU. Maybe you can overclock it. That is what I'm doing. Core 2 Duo (775) to 3.6Ghz from 2.6ghz. Dramatically improved my game. Basically anything over 3.0Ghz should suffice.

    Also, some used other game .exe's for ArmA.
    However, ask other guys here. Perhaps they will help you better.

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      Re: ARMA2 SLI setup

      I agree the video cards are not the bottleneck.

      Slow hard drive does not help, and the AMD 1090T is not really a gaming processor, but it is a very nice processor in my opinion. I know I can OC it, most likely all the way to 4 GHz which will help in games.

      Also plan on seeing a visual performance increase when I can replace the HDD with a pair of drives in RAID 0. SSD would be nice but the price/GB is just still to high for me to sell to the wife.




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