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Voting Admin Procedures

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  • Voting Admin Procedures

    A simple guide for Voted Admins on Servers
    This post is to inform the players on the basic protocols.

    How to vote an admin in-game
    (There are three methods each with same result)

    Method A - Players Number
    Decide who will be the temporary voted admin
    Find the players number by typing "#userlist" in your text box
    Open the text box
    Scroll by using PageUp key or PageDown to locate the players number next to their name
    Type "#vote 12345"
    Press Enter
    Method B - Players Names
    Decide who will be the temporary voted admin
    Find the players precise name by looking at the playerlist (type "#userlist")
    Open the text box
    Scroll by using PageUp key or PageDown to locate the players name
    Type "#vote |TG|Playername" (Leave a space between "vote" and the players name)
    Press Enter
    *Note that the candidates exact name and their in game tags need to be typed in as well.
    Method C - In-game Pop up screen
    Decide who will be the temporary voted admin
    Press SHIFT + P (this would bring up the pop up screen)
    Click on the voted admin's name
    If successful, the nominated persons status should include 'Admin' at the end of his/her name.
    For the votes to be effective, certain percentage needs to be met. Let's just say it is more than 60%.

    Method C seems to be the most straight forward process, but I've included the more traditional method of voting for your interest.

    Voted Admin Guide
    These guides below are noted for clarity but you must exercise our TG Primer & ArmA SOP

    -Be patient & Be patient
    -Exercise common sense
    -Remind players of our ArmA SOP if they are new on Global Channel
    -Do not abuse your voted admin status
    -Do not kick players. If you encounter any problematic players or any game related issues first look in TS for an available admin. USE the Contact An Admin (CAA) thread

    Rough timeline for mission set up times / Applies mostly to Cooperative game play

    Mission set up screen
    (a.k.a. Mission slot screen)

    Give players 2mins
    Should no one step up to lead, suggest a mission change via TS/VON or type in Global Channel

    For example - In game text box:
    |TG|PlayerName (Admin): "Type 1 for Coop, Type 2 for TvT, Type 3 for Mission change"
    LowSpeed : 1
    Dredge : 2
    Jack Bauer: 3
    Jeepo: 2

    So the vote is in favor of the TvT.
    (Players should NOT vote more than once)
    Mission Briefing Screen
    (a.k.a. Map screen)

    Give the Mission Commander max 9mins (shorter the better)
    (This gives the CO about 1/3rd of the total time allowed to brief & remainder for his subordinate leaders to brief his group)
    Remind/Inform the CO of the mission of the time limit
    Wait until all players have synced up (if it is JIP, disregard this step)
    Do NOT start the mission unless you get the OK from the CO.
    (It is imperative that the players stay OFF these channels in this stage: "GLOBAL" & "SIDE" to speed the process)
    For full details read the ArmA SOP

    Mission End Screen
    (a.k.a. Scoreboard screen)

    Give players 1min to 5mins depending on the server population and activity. For a quick break etc.
    This is NOT a time for AAR or debriefing, any AARs post it up on the relevant thread
    Obviously if you are taking a 5min bio break this is different but generally we want to move into the next mission - not wind the games down! (edit by Unkl)
    Back to Mission set up screen.

    Another thing to remember; Do NOT go AFK for prolonged period as voted admin.

    Mission Change Permissions
    (When changing missions, and who has the rights to change)

    A) At the request of the mission commander / overall leader.
    B) By an Admin.
    C) As majority vote as above (e.g. Mission Set up Screen) if no admin.
    Happy Gaming!
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    Re: Voting Admin Procedures


    Especially note the part where a voted admin can not kick. Any new player to our community would do well to learn the lay of the land before taking on voted admin.
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