For the life of me I have no idea why I play Exile but I suppose there are a couple of explanations. One, my TG friends play it and I enjoy that company. Two, it gives me a chance to not be an admin and just play (kinda of a stress reliever). I like the PvP aspect, as well. In A3 we are mostly going up against AI. AI are predictable. They hit the deck when you shoot at them. They repeatedly run in the same direction. They have patterns and behaviors that don't change. Human players are a different story. Their path is unpredictable. Their reaction to contact is different from player to player. This creates a challenge. Some players are tactical and some are everything but tactical. Some just want to shoot other players and keep shooting until they run out of ammo. Others set ambushes and are patient while others react without even thinking.

I get killed a lot when I get on PvP servers for all the reasons that I just mentioned. I get killed by good players and bad players. But I still like the challenge.