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He's an old Phippy and he now knows what to do........

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  • He's an old Phippy and he now knows what to do........

    Exile has a unique game play style that it you look at it correctly, is a great story maker. It of course depends on who you play with, as their companionship can make the mundane humorous and the tedious quite entertaining. Here is a little story that you guys might like.

    A couple of days ago Pete and I got wrecked yet again on the MSR just West of the Trader. We were, this time in my BRDM which was now a flaming wreck. We disconnected so our bodies would eject from the wreckage, spawned and started working back that way. When we arrived in our newly appropriated clunker, we found our bodies had been looted. Looting a players body in Exile is intentional as unlike looting an AI, you get an 'Identify Body' dialogue. We immediately headed to the trader and found one of the only two other players on the server there in the act of selling what appeared to be 'lots of stuff'. We observed the player, standing so he could see our player names and noted that his was 'Phippy'. We noted that outside was parked his green BTR-40 and made the decision to 'Get him back' when the opportunity arose.

    The next day, I saw a green BTR-40 with a player that I believed to be Phippy engaging AI at the gas station West of Lakka. I took note of this as well, thinking he may be base building in the area around or West of Lakka.

    Yesterday about 20 minutes before a early evening server restart, I observed just west of my base at about 1 kilometer out, a new small base. I jumped in the Heli and flew over to take a look, finding a small square base with a port and stairs leading to the top. Hidden behind on the West of the base was... a green BTR-40. I knew that I had found Phippy-ville.
    As I flew away, I saw that Phippy was connecting to the server so I made haste back to the base and perched myself atop in a window watching the Phippy base to the West. I then asked BadStache to head to the base and cover me as Operation Phippy was soon to commence. We also called it : Operation Phippy Longstickings as well as Operation Pippy but you get the picture, a serious TG operation was commencing. As I observed the base, I saw a lone Gillie suited player emerge and begin engaging a mission just west of the base. I watched that player for several minutes and at one minute before server restart, launched four rounds and dispatched Phippy from 1123 meters with the DMR M14. 'G## D### IT' he yelled 'Now Im going to lose all my stuff!!' As the server rest, Stache and I began to plan the assault. I would fly the heli to his roof enter and steal his flag before he could respawn and return. Stache would overwatch me from the tower. What could go wrong.

    As the server reset and we came back in game, I jumped in the Heli and made haste towards my objective. Approximately half way there, I was kicked from the game and Little Bird crashed into a pile of flaming wreckage in the field between the bases. (Vehicle loss 1) When I reconnected, I fell from the sky and splatted in the same area. (Death 1). I re-spawned at Zaros and made haste on foot back to my body. As I arrived, a large group of AI spawned nearby and despite my best hiding, pistol only defense and Staches expert sniping, I died again. (Death 2) Again spawning in Zaros, I made my way back to Phippys base via pickup from Stache, this time fighting incredible lag on the server. Also on one of Staches take or lift offs from the base, a random AI shot an rpg and hit DrunkFrodo s Taru. (Vehicle Loss 2) By this time, LowSpeedHighDrag had become aware of Operation Phippy and had begun making his way West of the base to cover my ingress. At the base I found the same BTR and the door locked. I decided to hide and wait for the owners return and settled in, watching the approaching road. The incredible lag was not in my favor however as the owners rubber banded by me and I learned of their arrival by hearing the tell tale 'Beep Beep' of a vehicle locking. I then turned to see TopHatGerman rubber banding towards me at my hiding place and I quickly fired. When he stopped moving, I observed his body a good distance away at the door of the base, no where near where I was shooting at him. 'Phippy is at the trader' said Stache 'he is asking questions about the office. Go for it!'.

    I then entered the base through the open door and checked the room for occupants seeing many tents around the walls and a flag in the center, but no players. I communicated that I was beginning the flag steal and crouched and commenced. It was then that the same extreme lag that has worked for me in the case of German now so fickle-y turned against me as Phippy magically appeared before me and shot. (Death 3)

    Now Fireforeffect had spawned in and been joined by sturdyguns whom I asked to cover the eastern MSR approach from the trader. As Fire and Sturdy both have short attention spans (uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh break), they somehow ended up at the industrial North of the MSR, Sturdy shot Fire (Death 4) and then both Sturdy and the Hunter they were in blew up. (Death 5) (Vehicle Loss 3)

    Now FIre, Sturdy and I all spawned in Zaros, armed up, donned some taci-casual clothing and were engaged by AI and helis. I was shot once by a GhostHawk (Death 6), quickly re-spawning and then helping Fire and Sturdy fight off the AI.

    We found an abandoned clunker and began to make our way back to Phippy-ville, this time overwatched by LowSpeed from the East. Stache had abandoned his Western over-watch to effect a rescue misson for some other players who were not as resigned to dying multiple times as our crew was.

    Approaching the base under Speeds watch we were informed by Lowspeed that Phippy was in the base quickly constructing fortifications as Speed could see the tell tale signs of yellow walls moving about. As we surrounded the base Lowspeed reminded us that 'If you shoot, you can initiate combat and keep him from constructing.' We moved about the exterior activating things inside the base like tents close to the outer walls. 'I got a FoolBox' said Sturdy as I 'Packed' tents in the base from the outside. 'We should crawl under the floor here and mess with him' I said seeing that the backside of the base stood at least a virtual foot off the ground. Fire and Sturdy quickly complied, climbing under the floor and laughing as they stuck their heads repeatedly through the floor into the room with Phippy. Suddenly Fire yelled 'Im in the base!!!! I glitched into the base!!!! Oh God!!!!!' 'Good bye Fire' we laughed as we heard the shots ring out from inside the base, but to our surprise, Fire responded 'I'm alive. I got him'. 'Get the Flag! Get the Flag!' we shouted. 'Starting' said Fire as I said 'Covering North'. 'South' said Sturdy and Low said 'Ive got the West.' '10' Fire typed in Steam chat and It beeped on my phone as he could not touch any keys in the game for fear of restarting the flag capture. 'Ive got on a Gillie suit I got from the base' said sturdy as Fire typed

    '20' ..........


    '40' ............

    'I've got a guy in a Gillie approaching from the north west' said Low Speed

    'No No it's me' said Sturdy 'Ive got a Gillie suit on'.

    Suddenly I saw in side chat: TopHatGerman : How's it goin Sturdy?

    'It's not you Sturdy.' said Lowspeed calmly as he fired one shot and the message 'LowSpeed kills TopHatGerman' appeared on the screen.

    'I think Sturdy is Ok German.' I typed in sidechat... 'How are you?'

    'Got it! I got it.' said Fire from inside the base. 'Climb up and out' we told him, but when Fire got to the to of the stairs, there was another locked door keeping him from exiting to the roof. As Fire climbed back down the stairs, he was ArmAd by the stairs and died before he could reach the bottom. (Death 7) Sturdy then moved to the outer wall next to the stairs and said excitedly 'Ive got it! I got it off his body!' Sturdy and I then left to the SE and then eventually to base. LowSpeed pulled out North and back to the Roadblock.
    As Phippy began to type to us about the raid, I explained to him that It was my and Petes bodies he had looted two nights before and that he could have waited for us to return and in choosing not to he faced whatever retribution we decided to dole out. He first did not remember the bodies but finally stated something like 'Ohhhh thoooose two bodies by the flaming BDRM....' I also told him that as of now, I considered the matter closed.

    'So you aren't going to kill us anymore?' asked Phippy

    'Operation Phippy' typed Lowspeed 'is concluded.'

    Phippy asked if that meant a truce. 'Yes' I said, and even more I will help you shore up your base so that doesn't happen again if you will allow'. 'Sure' replied Phippy. Soon, Phippy and I met at his base, I showed him how to close the gap and gave him a concrete door. Soon after was we messed with Phippys base, the nice pubbie Jack Monroe typed asking if he could pay LowSpeed his Base-Block fee. 'Lows not on' I typed 'Just hold it till the next time you see him'. Phippy then asked what roadblock we were taking about and explaiined the concept of AI farming to him. 'Jump in' I said 'Lets go look'. So Phippy and I took a ride to LowSpeeds London Bridge, on the way, I explained to him that Low only charges a 10% fee for the useage. As we approached the roadblock from the west, an AI repair truck approached from the east and I quickly emptied it with the gun on the BDRM, running over the last one. 'A demonstration too!' said Phippy as I pulled into a covering position next to the now empty truck. 'Get in and follow me to the Trader it's all yours' I said. 'Are you sure?' asked Phippy. 'Hurry' I said as he swapped to the truck and we left for the trader. After selling the truck and putting his money in the bank, Phippy said 'I put 600 in the vehicle for your friend.'

    Hearing our 20 minute conversation in group Jack Monroe asked :
    'So Phippy is a good guy now?'

    'I think so.' I replied

    As I left Phippy at his base he reminded me
    'Don't forget to give your clan mate that money'

    'I won't' I typed 'And we aren't a clan, just a community'

    Now Looking forward to :

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    There is a motif here that I quite enjoy.

    Well done.

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      Finally managed to read thru this whole post, that's good stuff! Much appreciate the light hand you all are using on the Pvp side of things, by letting the public players be the aggressors if they choose. Just don't get to soft and take a bullet in the buttocks!
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        Cody, I don't usually drink energy drinks. The above post is what happens when I do.




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