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'Raiding' Operation Tools and Tips

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  • 'Raiding' Operation Tools and Tips

    Raiding, the act of raiding a populated area (of Z's and P's), is a dangerous but very rewarding experience. Beyond the fun factor of 'hitting' a location with your pals and popping dead(and alive)heads Heavy Raiding offers the reward of some great loot. Whether raiding for Mil. Grade equipment or Medical Supplies or even an enemy player's position/campsite your goal is to come out with enough bling bling that you'll be well off for days more.

    Raiding doesn't need to be a protracted affair, but simply due to the act of extensive scavenging, it can (and will) drag on. When taking into account pre-planning, logistics, insertion, combat, casualty consolidation, and then extraction you've probably spent an hour or half of effort... if you even survived. This guide will attempt to help you operate in the most efficient manner in both regards to time and effort.

    I'll add to it as I go along.


    #1] Medical Supplies-
    Painkillers, Morphine, Bandages, Epi-pens, and Bloodbags are all really important items when undertaking any dangerous action (hint- every action in game is dangerous). Painkillers, Morphine and Bandages can all be applied to oneself when needed as long as it is in your inventory.

    Bandages and Morphine are life critical and the lack of them will mean mission failure (and most often death) if you are wounded enough to need them. Always have two bandages on hand and at least one Morphine in your inventory.

    Painkillers will help you be more combat effective after you take damage and the lack of them will decrease your chance of success at the mission.

    Epi-Pens and Bloodbags are some of the more 'pro-items' and require another player to use them on you. Epi-pens will revive an unconscious player immediately, allowing the team to move from a defensive stance to a moving stance. Bloodbags will greatly increase the survival rating of your team as it will recover every ounce of 'health (blood in debug)' nearly immediately. This will be important if any player drops below 5000 'blood' as their chances of 'passing out' will increase and pose a risk to the success of the raid.

    It is highly suggested that every member of a raid have at least one of Morphine, Epi-Pen, Painkiller, and Bloodbag in their inventory for the raid. This will enable every player to support another if the need arises. If deemed necessary one or more operatives can carry some extra supplies in their bag.

    Every player should have at least two bandages in their bag. Remember you can always drop these items if you need the room when you find some awesome kit!

    #2] Weapons
    -Smoke Grenades


    #1] Knowing Risk/Reward
    If you are by yourself, be careful to raid heavily frequented/important areas without first gaining more than enough info through recon and observation.



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