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Call for TG Euro Survivors. Lets Get Together !

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  • Call for TG Euro Survivors. Lets Get Together !

    It starts just like a typical DayZ story...

    You spend hours looking for food and supplies... Finger on trigger, avoiding hordes of zeds. Then come face to face with a stranger. You point away your gun and greet him. Must be your lucky day, he does the same. You team up and set an objective together, such as getting supplies from the nearest supermarket. Together, you reach your target and start filling the backpacks with joy. Then out of nowhere a guy suddenly appears. It is very easy for a vet to guess what might be the worst case scenario here. Yes, your buddy is staying next to you... You dont even know who fell first, you or your friend, or who was that bastard pulling the trigger...

    But it doesnt end like a typical DayZ story. It shouldnt. Some of us will not become cold-blooded murderers after things like these. We will not be puppets of our basic instincts, rage and frustration and simply become mindless wild animals as soon as we find ourselves in chaos and anarchy. Humanity, order, civilization... They will never be lost as long as we remember what they mean. We will survive for these values. We will never make "shoot first think later" our policy. Any eye for an eye makes the whole world blind as Gandhi said once.

    Well my fellow European TacticalGamers (or other friends who can join us in Euro gaming prime times), lets get organized. Nothing fancy. Lets stay in touch and start working together as small units to increase our chance of survival in the brutal world of DayZ. Post your info if you are in. This (DayZ mod) is a very interesting and thought-provoking experiment. Lets see where it goes together.

    And a last word for the ones who are called bandits... Go ahead you Homo sapiens neanderthalensis... Try to survive without using much of what you carry as a dead meat in your skull. We will not let you destroy everything we consider "human". You might have survived for a while but mark my words. Your days are counted. You chose to turn into an animal and you will die like one.

    Ok, now can someone please turn on the lights in this %$% city and pass me fresh underwear :)

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    Re: Call for TG Euro Survivors. Lets Get Together !

    - ArmA Nick: John CANavar
    - Steam: John CANavar
    - Online: ~ 1800-2100 GMT (Mostly weekends but for a while I`ll be also online during weekdays)
    - Comments: I am looking forward to working on some small unit basics which will minimize the casualties when confronted with bandits


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      Re: Call for TG Euro Survivors. Lets Get Together !

      Just downloaded the mod on Sunday. I'm late to the party but I'm coming soon.
      ARMA Admin (retired)
      Pathfinder-Spartan 5


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        Re: Call for TG Euro Survivors. Lets Get Together !

        @John and Grunt make sure you go to permission groups and apply for entrance to Dayz private forum and TS access for passworded channels. Welcome aboard.
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          Re: Call for TG Euro Survivors. Lets Get Together !

          Hey Grunt, good to know you are coming. I highly recommend you try a session alone during night. One really appreciates the importance of his buddies and meaning of teamwork/trust after that :)

          Thanks for the reminder Sarge.


          Team / Timezone / Server
          - Currently we are running a buddy team with Doktorcky during ~ 6:00-9:00 PM GMT (1:00-4:00 PM EST). You can contact us using this thread, via pm, or Teamspeak (we are usually in DayZ/Team 2 channel)
          - Since it is hard to get on the same server, we are planning to keep the team size small (2 to 4 buddies at the moment)
          - We tried TG server but had connection problems. We usually login to European servers. There is also a good Saudi server where we had a really good session.

          Current Policy and Objectives
          - Make new friends and keep notes on memorable moments
          - Find and work together (mutual support) with other like-minded survivors/teams
          - Minimize contact with strangers and engage if only necessary. Definition of necessary needs further clarification but for now lets say survive without losing humanity :)
          - Develop simple small unit procedures and tactics based on lessons learnt
          - Visit and explore interesting places (cities, landmarks, etc) in Chernerus [what a nice big map !]
          - Build a supplies camp
          - Get access to different vehicles

          Needed Supplies
          - Antibiotics...Preferably wide spectrum with minimum side effects ;)
          - Blood
          - Tent

          And a few basic procedures we are using / developing

          - Assign pointman
          - Advance using travelling overwatch
          - Use concealment/cover when you halt
          - Maintain a safe distance between team members

          - Set priority items
          - Set ROE
          - Plan entry, exit and RP
          - Assign observer element
          - Spend minimum time in target zone to minimize contact [essential]
          - Move to RP

          That's all for now...
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            Re: Call for TG Euro Survivors. Lets Get Together !

            Bandits ?
            I am a proud freedom fighter in the Zombie Independent Liberation Front ( not to be confused with those pablum-puking liberals in the ZLF ) and we will not stand for this so-called cooperation among those who would rob the native population of the undead property rights !
            You have to be trusted by the people that you lie to,
            So that when they turn their backs on you,
            You'll get the chance to put the knife in.Pink Floyd "Dogs"


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              Re: Call for TG Euro Survivors. Lets Get Together !

              Har har.


              John I'm digging the SOP outline.
              No person can simply just be; they are what they do.


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                Re: Call for TG Euro Survivors. Lets Get Together !

                Originally posted by John CANavar View Post
                - We tried TG server but had connection problems. We usually login to European servers. There is also a good Saudi server where we had a really good session.
                What type of connection problems?

                In-game: |TG-189th|PaintScratcher
                Steam & everything else: paintscratcher

                Wont be around much but if I'm about it will be 8-11GMTish.


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                  Look for |TG-Irr| LowSpeed

                  I'm on the euro timezone.

                  Sent from my phone

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                  Former TGU Dean Former ARMA Admin Former Irregulars Officer
                  "Do not seek death. Death will find you. But seek the road which makes death a fulfillment." - Dag Hammarskjold


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                    Re: Call for TG Euro Survivors. Lets Get Together !

                    I updated my blog entry to showcase this great mod. [Link to blog] If you have a friend you want to convince, dont hesitate to use it :)

                    @Callous: I have no problem with zeds buddy, I like them much more than the bandits :P

                    @Ytman: Looking forward to practicing together mate.

                    @Paint and LowSpeed: Hope to see you soon gents. You can find us on Teamspeak. I create a temp channel with the server name. I cannot join TG server because it takes too long because of my ping.


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                      Re: Call for TG Euro Survivors. Lets Get Together !

                      - ArmA Nick: UrShak
                      - Steam: UrShak
                      - Online: 0900-2300 GMT +1


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                        Re: Call for TG Euro Survivors. Lets Get Together !

                        Welcome to TG Inglorfin.

                        I`ll be a bit late tonight gents. A few errands to run. My current position is Pavlovo. Staying away from big cities/risky areas until we group-up. Carrying an AK and a few tools. A bit low on food and med supplies. If you deploy tonight, remember to create a TS channel w/ the server name so we can get together. Stay safe.


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                          Re: Call for TG Euro Survivors. Lets Get Together !


                          My 5th day... After setting foot on Chernerus near Elektro, I tried to meet Dok near Cherno but he was killed by a bandit and we lost contact. So I headed north and visited Kumyrna Church. Staying out of big towns, I looted the barns south of Novy Sobor. Continued my journey to North and checked out the deer stands in the area and filled my backpack. While trying to reach the small town of Gvozdno, I took a wrong turn and found myself in a very dangerous place; Devil`s Castle.

                          I knew it was a suicide to enter the castle with only a pistol and without proper backup but it was in my "50 places to visit in Chernerus before you die" list. What could I do? So I observed it for a good 5-10 min and the castle looked unoccupied. Cautiously, I approached and entered from the broken wall side. Avoiding zeds, I reached the stairs heading to a tower. It was quite a terrifying experience to finally reach to the top, expecting a bandit`s bullet at every step. As I hoped, it was unoccupied. Quickly taking essential things, I rushed down. While checking the walls, I fell down and broke my leg. As I was trying to relieve the pain with morphine, I found myself surrounded by zeds. I dont know how did I manage that but I found myself on top of the nearest stairs, shooting down the angry mob of ugly faces. When it was over, I left the castle as quickly as possible, never to get close again.

                          I then headed NE to my main objective; Pobeda Dam. After a safe journey, I finally reached my destination and put another check in my list of places to visit. To my surprise, the little shed near the Dam had lots of supplies and weapons including a sniper rifle. I dont use sniper rifles. So let me know if you need it. It can be used in a team for overwatch purpose I suppose.

                          I am currently resting near Dam and planning to go south this Friday, usual meeting time (~ 6:00-9:00 PM GMT / 1:00-4:00 PM EST). I will create a sub-channel in DayZ Teamspeak Channel. The area has a lot of low risk places to loot. If we can meet, I may consider checking the market in Krastosnav.

                          Looks like Finestyle and Al will join us soon, looking forward to it.


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                            Re: Call for TG Euro Survivors. Lets Get Together !

                            6th day... Exploration of NE sector continues...

                            Following objectives were completed:
                            + Elektro (left as soon as I realized where I am)
                            + Prigorodky
                            + Kumyrna Church
                            + Novy Sobor
                            + Devil`s Castle (First successful castle raid...almost ended up as zed food)
                            + Pobeda Dam (Nice view. Found a sniper rifle but left it there)
                            + Gvozdno
                            + Black Mountain (no loot at all)
                            + Krasnostav (First successful lone-wolf market raid)

                            Current Gear:
                            - Good amount of food/water/med supplies
                            - Watch
                            - Compass
                            - Flashlight
                            - Matches
                            - Alice Pack
                            - Winchester
                            - M1911

                            Current Location:
                            - SE of Krasnostav

                            Current Objectives:
                            - Find map / hatchet / knife (if you have extra, I`d gladly accept them)
                            - Willow Lake
                            - Black Lake

                            I will be online today (Jun 9, Sat, 2100 EEST / 1800 GMT-UTC / 1400 EDT). As usual, you can find me on DayZ TS.

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