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4 Kills, 1 Night

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  • 4 Kills, 1 Night

    Lord Fuzzywig, Bulletlogic, Scattershot, Nujabes, Sh1f, and I join a random night server in search of valuables and gear. Sh1f, Nujabes, and I spawned just North of Stary Sobor. We collectively decide Stary is the rendezvous point. In a full server, Stary is a death trap, however, we knew we had the firepower with just 3 of us to lock it down. Nuj with a mk 48, shif with an AKM, and me with a M14 AIM and a M24. Nuj and I set up vantage points on the hills above Stary while shif proceeds to raid the town while we wait for the others. 30 minutes goes by without a hitch. No survivors spotted. No survivors had been in or out. We then instruct shif to move into the market while we have strict overwatch. Shif starts moving in the back door of the market. Coms are silent. Trigger fingers on the ready. Suddenly shif yells 2 players and runs out of the market towards our position. Our eyes tunnel visioned on the market doors. We type for ID. Nothing happens. 5 minutes pass. I get off my perch point and shif and I get into position to breach the market. We suspected they disconnected. Main room clear. I start to check the back. Adrenaline is pumping. Peek left. Clear. Phew. I breathe again. Change position. Peek right. I see them. 2 bodies. 1 dead. 1 prone, looking the other way. How long had they been here? No fired shots since we'd been here. There had been no movement here for 45 minutes. With one dead body, I knew he wasn't friendly. I take the shot.. Safe at last. We kill the agro zeds and move back into our vantage points in-case ours shots were heard. Minutes pass. Still waiting for other players to get to our position. The loot in the military tents had respawned so shif goes back down to loot. He loots a couple tents and I see something out of the corner of my eye, a player, 200 meters away. Creeping towards the tents. No time to ask if friendly. Shif's life was in danger. If I dont react. Comrades fall. I take the shot. Good clean hit. He drops. We're safe. I sweep the hills just to make sure we are alone. We are. Time passes. Bullet and Fuzzy meet up with us. Scatter dies on the way. (that's a story for a different time, let fuzzy tell you that one :) ). We venture to the airport and raid it successfully. Hours past. Nothing but fun dayz play. We raid other towns and most of group decides it's late and they DC. Only Fuzzy and I are left. Against our better judgment. We decide to go back to the airfield. We joined another server because it was too dark and raining to see anything. The new server was daylight and medium pop. We hit up the southwest barracks, move to the rest of the airfield. No problems. We decide to head back down to the southwest barracks before leaving, hoping for loot respawn. We approach the barracks and that's when I spot them, 2 players. 50 meters away. 1 moves inside a shack, the other behind it. Fuzzy prones and the firing brings with the player in the shed through a window. I turn and move outside the fence next to us to flank. The shots continue. Suddenly fuzzy goes down. I yell ****. I let him die. Now time to avenge. These kids are my prey now. I flank and move through an opening, take 4 shots to make no mistakes. He's down. I move as fast as I can back outside the fence to avoid being spotted. I flank again. I move swiftly but silently. I move close to the door of the shed. I stop and listen. I know he is only around the corner from me. My heart is racing. I hear the flies on the body of his friend I had just killed. This was it. Time to move. Then out of the blue I hear the most magical sound I've ever heard. A pop from a soda can. He didn't know I was there. I had him. I moved around the corner. Our eyes met, my comrades killer. Me with a M14, him with a coke. It was inevitable now. 1 shot would do the trick but I fired 5. Fuzzy avenged, gone, but definitely not forgotten. Forever my comrade, Forever my friend.

    Sorry if there are typos and things. I tired this on my phone. Hope you enjoy!

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    Re: 4 Kills, 1 Night

    Nice write up eazy. Good playing with the TG guys too!


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      Re: 4 Kills, 1 Night

      Originally posted by Sgt_EaZy View Post
      Scatter dies on the way. (that's a story for a different time, let fuzzy tell you that one :)
      The tale of my death is either a comedy or a tragedy or both depending on your viewpoint.

      I newly spawned a fresh life west of Komarovo. It's night time with a bright moon so I can see. Lord Fuzzywig and Antagonistic are near Mogilevka heading for Zub so I decided to head for them. I head into the woods and hills north of the road and start working my way east towards Cherno then I will go north to meet up.

      What happens is that half way between Balota and Cherno another survivor tried to take me out. I don't know how long he was behind me but he fired 2 shots which missed and hit the ground in front of me. I stopped and went silent to look around. I spotted his movement back and forth on the other side of a large bush. :) I slowly crept up keeping the bush between us so he couldn't see me. Stepped out from behind the bush and started shooting him. He dropped to the ground and I ran up to finish him off. When I got to him he started to turn while prone and I fired several more shots into his upper body and head and saw the kill message. Grabbed his basic equipment (He was just a basic survivor like me) :( and went on my way.

      I make it north of Cherno so start working north but due to a navigation error I break out of the woods and what should be Zub as the next peak over I see the Green Mountain radio tower. "Aw Crap!" but at least now I know right where I am and head east and get to Zub mountain.

      Now at Zub they have had some bandits and taken them down so I am being paranoid when approaching. "I'm coming up the southwest side of the hill." "I have the walls in sight." "I'm at the outer wall." "I want you to know where I am so you don't shoot me by accident." "I'm entering the keep." "I'm coming up the stairs."

      I get to the landing and there they are looting the last bandit they killed on the steps to the next landing and a lit flare on the floor lighting up the whole keep like a Christmas tree. I check the loot on the floor for anything useful then go over to the steps to wait for them to finish up. The whole time just random chat over TS.

      The flare goes out. A shot rings out and the flash of muzzle. I drop to the ground. Dead. "WTH! Why'd you shoot me!"

      I'll let Lord Fuzzywig tell what was going thru his mind when it happened but it seems he mistook me for a bandit. Oops.

      Afterwards I reminded him that the server we were on if he pointed at me it would've shown him my name. :)

      After the initial shock of it wore off I was laughing about it and Fuzzy is all "I'm so sorry and I feel so bad."

      "I was never much a fan to playing anything online without having to manage my own private server. The Internet Gaming community has evolved to cater to the lowest common denominator and practically ruined my desire to have any part of it. But not here. It is something wonderfully different." - frozenchrome

      "Teamspeak doesn't make the tactics in DayZ any better. It just let's everyone share in the agony of waiting to connect." -Warlab

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        Re: 4 Kills, 1 Night

        Awesome stories! Hopefully I'll get to play alongside you guys in the near future.
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