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    Figured I should start one of these.

    Anyway I'm Spaz, some of you probably remembers me from Project Reality. I haven't really been playing a lot of games the last 2 years since I spent some time in the army and have been working a lot. But I found this little mod now and my first thought was to go on this forum to see if you guys are playing it. And of course you are! So expect to see me on the TS from time to time, I'm really looking forward to killing some zombies and hiding in the woods.

    "You the people have the power, the power to create machines, the power to create happiness. You the people have the power to make this life free and beautiful, to make this life a wonderful adventure."

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    Re: Introduce yourself

    Hello and welcome Spaz, I am from the Arma part of TG and have been amazed or should I say ADAZED, at the response from all over the TG community to find one game we all can participate in and share a can of beans or a soda pop around the campfire while the meat cooks.


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      Re: Introduce yourself

      YTman here, love the mod here and what its doing with the ArmAII engine.

      Used to be a kind nice person... but scarcity has made me do some questionable things. You wont see me, most of the time, but you will know when I see you. Be sure to read chat frequently or you might lose an eye or two. I'm not unreasonable, maybe if you drop your gun and pack, you'll walk away alive.


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        Re: Introduce yourself

        Im Wes, wesley in game, I play on TX9 almost exclusively and with friends from Glory of War, we are a friendly bunch who are just trying to meet up and survive in this rotting world. Scavenge some goods, butcher a cow and find that damned full whiskey bottle!

        Your server runs great, and I like playing with you guys back when PRM first started for BF2, time constraints forced me to stop playing that.

        Others that play with me from GofW:
        Last Chance
        Weasel Meat

        If you see us in game or in chat we are friendly and mean you no harm so long as no harm is brought onto us.


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          Re: Introduce yourself

          Hello and welcome G of W. It would be good for you to hop on TS when on our server. We will challenge you through TS or chat. You are more than welcome to join in any group you run into.


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            Re: Introduce yourself

            We will be happy to engage in game chat, we are a community as well and players are joining our TS server wondering where we are playing all the time. We, as a community, are just getting into playing the game, so through our own TS we are bringing our Community to the game.
            Hope you understand, and I do understand the limitations to this as well.

            Thanks for the welcome.

            EDIT: I will try to place your TS info on my cell in case of emergency :)




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