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What would people want to see in a Public TGU class?

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  • What would people want to see in a Public TGU class?

    Quick short sentences or a list works best.

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    Re: What would people want to see in a Public TGU class?

    1. Tips experienced players take for granted.
    - how to set waypoints
    - how to double-tap most keys (compass, running toggle, etc)
    - how to increase gamma/hdr to play at night
    - why deer stands are important
    - how to follow a road safely
    - how to get oriented after a brand new spawn
    - what kinds of buildings are enterable
    - how to safely pick up weapons/backpacks without losing something
    - how do silenced weapons/ammo work
    - what ammo is interchangable with what (9mm for most sidearms)
    - what gear is 'useless' - flares, chemlights, frag grenades, etc
    - what gear is disproportionately useful - blood bags, smoke grenades, all survival gear
    - how to make steaks (animal + knife to gut + matches/axe to start a fire)
    - where the out-of-game maps are, and how to use them (show the links

    2. How to call prone checks. That is, not describe what you're seeing (too slow) - just speak very generally (running in field) and pronecheck.

    3. Debatable - how to organize yourself in TS. How to make a channel, update it, etc so we don't shoot each other. This is still a work in progress so might be a bit advanced for a newbie class.

    4. Also a bit advanced - how to run proper overwatch. Why overwatch is important. Why big groups are a liability (easy to see) and an advantage (overwatch helps prevent problems).

    5. Intermediate/advanced: how to lead a group. Basically the combined few million man hours of BF squad leading/commanding experience distilled into 10 sentences.

    Our little community is growing by leaps and bounds, I'm very happy to see this. More dead zombies for all!




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