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    After a week of play on the same character I was beginning to get a sense of confidence. Low and behold I was really only being lulled into a false sense of security! I was in the middle of a fairly successful solo raid on Devil's Castle when I made a critical error. I decided to solo a staircase! You see, I had aggroed a single Zed and thought that instead of engaging him on the ground I would get a little bit of a height advantage and do things the "safe way." Devil's Castle lived up to its name and by the time I was about to step on the first landing (I was standing up), either my character tripped or the Zed warped up the flight of stairs and knocked me cold and I lost the 12000 blood I had fast. One failed attempt at waking up later I was faced with the dreaded "You Are Dead" screen. Another full set of gear down the tubes.

    Lesson of the day: If you have anything that you think is worth keeping, always bring a friend with a blood bag.

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    Re: Always Bring A Friend

    Haha, we've had some close calls like this, several times. Zombie's "knock out to unconscious" attack rate has been increased, I think. Considering the lag and general glitchiness of zeds even on the best of servers, alerted zeds always hit me at least once before I can safely shoot and hit them.

    I've been saved like this by Baron and Siker, and I think a while later we saved Baron. Zeds have become more dangerous :)




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