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What is your character's back story?

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  • What is your character's back story?

    This thread is a spin off of the what kind of player you are thread. Why is your character the way he or she is? What did they do prior to the zombie apocalypse? How did your character react to the apocalypse at first? Be creative or bland, you decide.

    I'll go first.

    In the other thread, I mentioned that my character is a cannibal. But I want to provide a plausible (Or silly) back story as to why.

    Prior to the zombie apocalypse, my character was a mercenary. I would kill anyone, as long as the money was good. On one assignment, myself, and another mercenary were forced to retreat into a cave to escape the clutches of the enemy soldiers. The enemy soldiers tried to collapse the cave on top of us. But they didn't manage to, however, they did manage to seal the cave. Unfortunately, my mercenary buddy, was wounded in the process of escaping into the caves. We tried to find a way out, but there was none. We were trapped. Soon, my buddy died of his wounds. I was trapped. I had no food and no way out. My only hope was to try and tunnel my way out. It would be a lengthy process, that would require a lot of strength and energy. As the days passed, I became weak. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to go on tunneling for much longer.

    That's when I fully gripped the gravity of the situation. I had a choice, I could eat my friends corpse, and possibly survive. Or I could give up due to my lack of strength, wither, and die. I chose the former. After eating my friend, I had the strength necessary to continue digging. 30 days after being trapped in the cave, I emerged, alive.

    Ever since then, I have grown to like the taste of flesh. I now consider it a comfort food, as it helped me through my time of need.

    Lets hear your stories!
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    Re: What is your character's back story?

    I was a dock supervisor at the Steel Mill factory at Solnichny when the facility was overrun by the infected.

    My first thought’s when I heard the screaming at the gates was that the weekly vodka supply truck had arrived early. (we had a near riot last month when they delivered 10 pallets of something called Jack Daniels).

    I enjoy the natural beauty of my homeland and the hunting of many small animals I can find in the trackless forests of Chernarus, so I had a habit of packing my bag and leaving for a weekend of hunting straight from work on a Friday.

    Thinking I would grab a few bottles of rotgut vodka and take off early I grabbed my bag and my father's army pistol from my desk (solidarity meetings get rough sometimes) and went downstairs to join in the fun.

    The screaming had reached a fever pitch by the time I made it to the docks and that's when I started to understand this wasn't about vodka (for a change).

    My first thought was it was some sort of demonstration by the youth brigade (known for their wild antics ) because they seemed to be EATING the gate guards while the workers attacked them. Then one of them looked up at me with those vacant eyes, skin already rotting and coated in Aloyoshenka the guard's blood and intestines.

    It was like being shocked and dunked into ice water all at the same time, and I knew at that moment I had to run faster than I had ever done before.

    The next few days remained a blur as I wandered north through the forests trying to reach the hunting camp my friends and I had used years before.

    My people, my country ...everything was gone.

    Every person I saw tried to kill me and I grew more and more paranoid, jumping out of my skin at every sound at night. I went further into the forest to avoid roads and towns but in the confusion of that first day I lost my map and compass so I was often lost and soon out of food. Eventually I stumbled across a barn, dimly lit from within by a road flare.

    As I approached I heard screaming and then gunshots but I was so hungry I had lost my fear of death and walked in with my Makarov held at the ready.

    I saw a man bleeding, surrounded by the bodies of the undead, many still twitching and leaking a foul smelling fluid.

    I made my choice in an instant and delivered that man to a better place.

    Since then I have made my way alone or with a few hunting buddies from the old days

    but I can't say we hunt the same way anymore.

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      Re: What is your character's back story?

      -Yuri Tomisman is a son of a Cold War era British defector.

      -His grandfather had a farm near the city Krasnostav that Yuri grew up on.

      -Yuri joined the Chernarus Nationalist Party and proceeded to fight for Chernarus independence.

      -When the 'Madness' broke loose Yuri was able to stand side by side with the Chernarus Military despite prior differences.

      -By the third month of 'Madness' Yuri finds himself in the Berezino area trying desperately to live and in hopes to one day restore sanity to the land.

      -Yuri isn't a callous man. He is cautious, yes, and does take a 'better you than I' approach, but he does not kill another 'Sane' man for sport. He will not stand for unannounced intrusion into Berezino of people carrying military grade weapons.

      -Yuri dislikes Russia and, more importantly, the CQF. A force of Russian Special Operatives who seek to contain and quell the truth of the Madness in Chernarus.

      Note: Tomisman is a REAL last name lol! I thought I made it up!


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        Re: What is your character's back story?

        I am blambo!!!!


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          Re: What is your character's back story?

          I hear blambo likes to swim.

          He represented our Olympics team once. Lost to Micheal Phelps.


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            Re: What is your character's back story?

            I suspect doping, we need some testing !!!!
            You have to be trusted by the people that you lie to,
            So that when they turn their backs on you,
            You'll get the chance to put the knife in.Pink Floyd "Dogs"




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