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In the Apocalypse Miracles do Happen (6/18/12)

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  • In the Apocalypse Miracles do Happen (6/18/12)

    A tragic accident in which my leg was caught between a shed and a fuel tank part was catalyst to my bloody demise.

    That then sent me to the respawn stage and poof back in a new shell in- Novy Sobor??? Yes I was spawned all the way into the middle of the map. Granted nothing to defend myself, no food or drink, I began to wander about the town in search for a weapon and supplies. I moved freely for all of a few moments until the Dead Head populace made themselves known and begun their patrols.

    One or two blocks from my starting point and... bam I catch one on my back. I desperately try to run and succeed from it! I had ran into a barn and broke line of sight to move away. Still though I had taken a nick and was bleeding pretty badly. There goes my one bandage!

    I check the Dairy Barn complex and find not a single thing! While doubling back, this time on the north end of town though, another Z spots me and I have no option in my mind but to run. I try to avoid and dodge this one but any action I do just startles more. Soon I get clipped and start bleeding again. I'm finished. No bandages. No weapon. Nothing.

    But something somewhere tells me to not give up. To not just ESC->Respawn.

    So I push forward, 7000 blood, I turn a bend, 6000 blood, I find a red brick house, perhaps the one I had spawned within, 5000 blood. I desperately look for a bandage and find a- Lee Enfield Mk 3 with a solitary clip, 4500 blood. Laughing at my bitter luck I figure, what the heck, might as well go out with a bang. As I grab the Lee both entrances are being swarmed by at least seven or eight dead heads. 4000 blood.

    Shots ring out, POW, POW, POW and POW. Then I see it! As a body falls forward... I see it!

    Take Bandage

    Hah! I grab it, 3500 Blood.

    Run into a room to buy some time to apply it. 3000 Blood

    In animation... tick tock tick tock, the ENTIRE TOWN moaning in the background, DONE! 2700 Blood.

    At that point I knew I could get out of there I just knew I could. I go to the hallway and pick the doorway with the smallest Welcoming Party.





    Its opened! I scram!

    Running, no time for sneaking! I run like hell down the road breathing like an asthmatic chain smoker. With a few Dead Heads behind me. Passing a gas station to my right I figure I could slow them down in there and hopefully that'd allow me to break the line of sight needed. Open the front door rush past the counter, no time to look for loot, get out the back door and book it!

    I don't look back for a while, I at least want to fool myself on victory if I have to.

    Then after about half a minute I glance back and see about five Dead Heads clustered around the Gas Station looking around for something.

    I'm alive--- and my guy passes out.

    Not much later Orbital would meet me and get me back on my feet, even supply me with a M4A1!

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    Re: In the Apocalypse Miracles do Happen (6/18/12)

    That's awesome! Riveting write up - and very nice "coolness under fire" I might add :)



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    if double, engage them; if equal, be able to divide them; if fewer, be able to evade them; if weaker, be able to avoid them.


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      Re: In the Apocalypse Miracles do Happen (6/18/12)

      Survival, sometimes it is just enough.

      "Everytime I read your posts I do it with Morgan Freeman's voice in my head as if he is narrating your life" - Aimed


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        Re: In the Apocalypse Miracles do Happen (6/18/12)

        Nice AAR Yt. Nothing like making the party happy with the sound of the Lee Ensfield.

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