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Non TS players.

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  • Non TS players.

    Ok, with the introduction of VON and direct being re enabled I may from time to time play without TS...I realize this is dangerous but can I count on at least a few of you gents for done good old fashion humanity?:o

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    Re: Non TS players.

    You gonna get shot, by a friendly !!!!


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      Re: Non TS players.

      If you enter the Devil's Playground without announcing yourself on TS, you will most definitely be shot.

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        Re: Non TS players.

        Yeah.... basically you are going to have to sneak to close the gap for Von's sake.

        Issue is that bullets travel farther than voices do.

        The only thing I can maybe suggest is that you walk around unarmed when entering AO's.


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          Re: Non TS players.

          Yep, you can count on me shootin ya, for shur, with sugar on it. lol And won't know if you are unarmed until I ck your dead body.


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            Re: Non TS players.

            I won't shoot you. Mostly because I have terrible aim.



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              Looking froward to getting shot in Tx9.

              I'm gonna pass through Devils AO enroute to the NW killzone. Some time in few days. I'm in Chernagorsk.…starving.

              My goal? Get enough food & h2o to last my hunt for operation helo wreck.

              If I see guys near the wreck. Don't cry cause some dude shot you.

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