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[AAR?] My New Best Friend [6/20/2012]

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  • [AAR?] My New Best Friend [6/20/2012]

    Guys, last night I and some other TG'ers were on one of the Atlanta servers when I discovered my new best friend. I discovered Mr. Hatchet (the primary weapon) and let me tell you, he saved me from a horde of zombies in Kamenka, I mean, hey at the end of one fight, he left a pile of about 10 zombies in front of the train station.

    Truth be told, I actually survived a battle with zombies all over Kamenka thanks to the hatchet I found in front of the train station. I was being chased by an evil horde of mindless zombies and then I found the best silent mortal combat life savor ever, the hatchet. After each attack I was able to push them off and kill them, only receiving a little damage. I did not have to bandage myself after the zombie would attack me. After I realized that I was not bleeding, I quickly realized I could go after the agro'd zombies by hacking them to bits with the hatchet, though from another perspective, I looked like an agro'd human playing whack-a-zombie... After I killed that horde I wanted to go meet up with Boot, but got snagged when I wanted to get some stuff near a dog house. I got jumped and passed out only to watch in horror as my health went down each time I was slapped... I told Boot that he could find my body and have the stuff I had. He never found it, but he did find the pile of zombies...

    I then spawned outside of Cherno after my second death and ran around the city looking for tools and such to survive. I got some junk and put it in my pack. I found an Alice Pack and was happy and then I grabbed a crowbar. I have a giant warning about that crowbar... After that, I thought that I could at least defend myself with the crowbar, but as I was running to the back of the town near the apartments, I had to fight two zombies. I thought I could kill them with my crowbar, but no, Mr. Crowbar gave up after 6 hits to a zombie. I eventually killed both of them, but I died from blood loss and broken bones... I then respawned knowing the pain of death...

    Later I met up with Boot after getting killed a third time. He was waiting in the bushes North of Kamenka and I looped back behind the town and we grouped up. We then went sneaking our way into town. We were cautious especially because of a crazy man that apparently was in the area [shooting and driving at the same time]. We did not see this man. We got down to the dock area and found a hatchet that I could use. As we proceeded to look to our left, we saw a survivor [or two] and we decided to get out of there. There was a possibility that we might have been spotted, so as soon as the man started to move, we high tailed it towards the hills. It was nice, finding ammo for guns, some food, and drink. I can't believe how lucky it was that we survived the town with minimal damages. As we were heading into the forest, we could see what probably was the survivor that came looking for us. He was being chased by quite a number of zombies, I guess I would say about 6 or 7 at most. I did not get a good look, but I was not wanting to get too close to that monstrosity. We eventually found what was probably his grave... We continued questing until we found a good spot to stop.

    There are some surprising things I came to realize:

    1) Melee weapons take up the main weapon slot

    2) Hatchets kill in 1 or 2 swings

    3) Hatchets some how keep you from bleeding from zombies attacks, you rather have incremental chunks of health taken away...

    4) Crowbars are not very effective against zombies

    5) Crowbars do not protect you from bleeding

    6) Melee weapons are silent and don't agro the zombies, you agro the zombies by your presence

    7) Your melee weapon has a set number of uses. You only have a certain number of hacks or swings... And yes, you do hear the AR reload sound every time you go to use a hatchet for the first time...

    8) Boot, you're nice to work with

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    Re: [AAR?] My New Best Friend [6/20/2012]

    Nice, I might have to find a hatchet and try it out...if I can get away from the zombie death squads on the beaches.


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      Re: [AAR?] My New Best Friend [6/20/2012]

      So is Boot or a hatchet your new best friend? :)

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        Re: [AAR?] My New Best Friend [6/20/2012]

        Those hatchets turned us from sneaks into stalkers, picking off solitary zeds by getting close so they aggro alone and go down quietly. My hatchet is definitely my new best friend and I'm going to call her Molly.

        It is possible to 'reload' your hatchet, complete with mag sound effects. I was doing this some for humor effect, but at times was getting 1-hit kills; it's possible the reload mechanism is a wind-up? Must test this out.

        Shortly after I found BeSeige's carnage pile a zed sniffed me and I had no choice but to sprint through town, gathering fans like Channing Tatum running through a cougar convention. They halted when I got to the docks, and stood in awe at my magnificence as I ripped off my shirt... to apply a bandage.

        I managed to get 8 or 9 of them collected at one end of the docks and downhill, so I could break visual and belly crawl off the other side into the weeds. I then found Molly and she turned me into a new man.

        I feel justified about laughing at that guy running from all the Zeds. There were 2 survivors we spotted. One went water-side behind the docks while the other slowly moved our direction. It smelled flanky, which is why I suggested we bug out. We threaded north, picking up a makarov and supplies before seeing him again.

        I like to think our flanky friend waded slowly through the water before coming to the other end of the docks, and found himself face to face with the 8 or 9 zeds I left there, drooling for golden man-flesh. His fate was sealed when he chose to engage.

        Nice writeup, BeSeige. I look forward to rolling with you again.


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          Re: [AAR?] My New Best Friend [6/20/2012]

          My new favorite word " flanky"
          You have to be trusted by the people that you lie to,
          So that when they turn their backs on you,
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            Re: [AAR?] My New Best Friend [6/20/2012]

            I call my Zed splitter "Roxy" she is a roller :) I usually leave my primary weapon secured and take Roxy in with just a pistol backup incase I find some nice Rifles to help out the friends when I do my solo Creeps.



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              Re: [AAR?] My New Best Friend [6/20/2012]

              Does anyone have any good My New Best Friend horror stories?


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                I do:

                It had been a long walk, but the empty canteen from the last town and the spring in this logging camp had cooled my burning throat. There wasn't much to see here, just a small, boarded up bunkhouse and a garage... and the four lumberjacks wandering aimlessly... no, mindlessly. One stooped to stare at a cricket, then hopped about as if it had entered his mind.

                Sneaking past the old garage I noticed something under the zombified grease monkey's foot -- a bandage. I've found these useful of late, but the drooling mass of mechanic meant there was at least some risk. Was it worth it?

                I crept close, hatchet held ready. Step...step... not close enough... step...step... patience... It turns, groans... My mighty swing hits! And another! And a third! Not done yet, but my fourth swing misses with a whistle and sickening thud as it nearly removes my own left leg. One more desperate hack and the zombie falls, but so do I: bleeding and broken.

                -- do be careful with these things. I've broken legs twice now when hacking away. Also, if anyone is in the Staroe area I'd trade some mags or an mg ammo box for morphine! :D


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                  Re: [AAR?] My New Best Friend [6/20/2012]

                  Hatchets are great and are the best primary weapon you can get.

                  Being able to kill silently and QUICKLY without worrying about lack of ammo makes this a fantastic weapon.

                  It is like being granted a cheat weapon.

                  Rifles give only loud noise, stress when aiming under lag while a zombie races at you, and take up inventory space as well as time for scavenging for it's specific ammo type.




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