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  • Just order TrackIR4

    I decided not to buy 5 since my SM subscription is about to expire and I want to put my money into that as well. For those who have TrackIR, any tips or such to get things running or is things pretty self explanatory. I bought the Pro Clip in a bundle with it as well, and things should be arriving at my house in a couple of days.

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    Re: Just order TrackIR4

    I have my hotkeys setup for easy access during gameplay. Make sure or take note of any light source that is behind you that will affect the using of the trackir. Ambient light will throw off the sensors. I can only use mine after the sun sets because of the ambient light from the windows behind me when I am sitting at the computer.


    Pause = insert key

    Center = #5 of numpad

    Precision = delete key

    Grab me on TS and I will fill you in with a few more helps.


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      Re: Just order TrackIR4

      TrackIR = increased immersion and situational awareness

      Much easier when flying or driving.

      A must have for anyone serious about ARMA or flight sims, I will not play without it.





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