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    Evening all,

    I've only recently discovered DayZ, having come across it on a random drunken internet search a couple of weeks ago. Since then I've gotten more than a little hooked, and while my life expectancy to date is measured more in minutes than hours I've been on the hunt for a decent server to settle down in. Being just on the young side of 30 I've decided that joining a group of screaming 12 year olds probably wasn't for me, which is what drew me here after flinging myself at the undead hordes on your server a few days ago!

    Above all else I'm on the lookout for a bit of teamwork, contribute towards something which is more than roaming around gunning down anything that moves. My reflex skills are on par with most roadkill (so being a pilot might be out), however I'm keen on wandering the wilderness so any scout/ranger work might be ideal. I'm in the UK for timings and work long hours but with enough warning I can probably get on for major ops and the like. I know how to read a map, know about comsec and basic radio drills and know which end is the dangerous bit on a rifle so willing to get involved.

    Any projects on the go?

    Kamikaze Al

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    Re: Signing up

    Your best bet is to hop on to teamspeak in the early hours (Tactical Gamer is US based) of the morning or late to the night, if you plan not to sleep. Read the team speak etiquette and I'm sure the people on the channels will hook you up.

    Welcome to the community. :)


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      Re: Signing up

      Welcome to TG, Kamikaze Al.

      I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the level of maturity, teamwork, and communication here at TG Dayz.

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