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Game caused teleport --> dead out of bounds?

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  • Game caused teleport --> dead out of bounds?

    In the past two nights I've twice been teleported back to a location I had previosly been. Tuesday night, Reader and I were heading east toward Gorka, came across a freshly spawned heli crash, looted what we could, then split up and moved on. I continued NE for 2-3k, only to suddenly be teleported back to the heli crash and find myself set upon by zeds. After cleaning up, using meds and bandaging I hid in a tree for a couple of minutes, logged out, and upon log in a minute later found myself way out of bounds with zero gear.

    Tonight Dalk, Grimmfist and myself successfully looted the NE airfield, then proceeded to Black Mountain. Approximately 15 minutes after we left the airfield, I was standing next to Grimmfist readying to log out when I suddenly found myself in the tower at the NE airfield. I lost no gear, weapons, etc and managed to run away far enough to find a tree, go to ground, and log out.

    Has anyone had any problems similar to this? My concern is that when I log in tomorrow I'll again be out of bounds and next to naked. Could this be a problem with a beta patch? I have no reason to believe someone is teleporting me, but rather a bug. In the last 2 days I've died twice, and worked to re-gear nicely, with much help from others. I really don't want to find myself out of bounds again. Thoughts?
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    Re: Game caused teleport --> dead out of bounds?

    Well, tonight we crazy in the party bus when the server was wonky... We went driving in the ocean for a bit and then teleported into Kamyshovo...




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