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  • The State of Play

    The Bad:

    Group comms tend to be a mess but this is an old problem that will resolve itself with more leadership, discipline, and training.

    Various bugs, quirks, and such.

    The Good:

    Incredibly immersive game.

    Meeting new people.

    Dayz rewards cooperation like no other military FPS I have seen thus far.

    Intellectually challenging and tactically complex.

    Strong support from the Admins.

    Allows complexity and flexibility in communication and command structure.

    Game design allows for most variety of "ways to play" yet seen in a military FPS.

    Departs from the usual run 'n gun scenario.

    Hopeful Signs:

    Seeing leaders emerge and SOPs develop (Bronco is setting a fabulous example).


    Was thinking of dropping Dayz but I see many aspects to explore and continue to be surprised by the variety of encounters and experiences fostered by the game and the TG rule-set.

    There is unrealized potential to Dayz, but much depends on what the TG community chooses to make of it.

    Grr Arrrg.


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    Re: The State of Play

    I`m there with you Michael. I gave a short break and I miss it already.


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      Re: The State of Play

      After having a group of four or five TGers get massacred at the airfield by a group of two or three bandits due to us being separated, I'll admit we need more organization, more discipline. Even though we were new to the PvP, I don't think that should have happened. We didn't have a leader and that ultimately got us killed, I think.

      But with that aside, there is just so much that this mod has to offer, so many different experiences to encounter in this mod and it does it so well. This is why I keep getting drawn back into it day after day after day when I have the MWO beta to play, about 90 days left on my WoT subscription to polish off, and about a hundred different games to play. The anxiety of approaching a chopper crash and not knowing if you're tempting fate today or not, the feeling of fear when you're being shot at and not knowing in which direction and/or what gun, it's amazing.

      "Certainly, being bombarded with 105 millimeter shells is bad. But the knowledge that you've armed your enemy thus, with your sloth and your ineptitude, unfolds in the heart like a poison." Tycho from Penny Arcade in reference to the nuke in MW2


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        Re: The State of Play

        :madsmile:Ditto Mech only I would phrase it, IT'S ADAZING!




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