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  • Request Server Info

    I would think it to be fair, considering [email protected] being a divergence from standard Dayz, if the administrators could publicize all things they and their community would be privy too. Doesn't need to be indepth or you could even just link me to information provided elsewhere but I think that publicizing base building features, 'gates' whatever that may be, and custom vehicle spawns (gun vodnik's and the custom 'always on' vehicle script), and any other changes (for example loot tweaks/zombie tweaks).

    I ask this for the purpose of fair knowledge.

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    Re: Request Server Info

    Certainly agree that anything publicized privately by admin regarding new features should be public as well, even if it is just one sticky post of server mods or something. That said, I don't want you to think anything is being hidden from you because I am certainly discovering things the hard way. I am also getting lots of conflicting information from different people in game. I am digging the apparent change in challenge level (even though zombies appear to be kicking my ass more firmly than usual). The beach sure looks pretty this time of year...


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      Re: Request Server Info

      Rest assured; all server-related announcements are and will continue to be made publicly. TGA members are not given any 'insider information' on matters of server configuration :)

      Also - we appreciate everyone's continued patience - we're still adding, tweaking, and debugging the server on a daily basis... once we get it to a more stable configuration, we'll post details.


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        Re: Request Server Info

        I want to know where to buy some decent suntan lotion, Apo's Dollor store in Boye is ripping me off.


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          Re: Request Server Info

          Actual features, like base building, yes I can understand that but things like loot rates etc, (Admin Hat off) hell no. (Bear in mind, base building is brand new and has only just become operational).

          Why? Why peek behind the curtain. I don't want to turn a Post Apocalyptic Survival game in to the Math Olympics.

          "Ohh interesting, if my numbers are correct we have a 33.33333 recurring chance of finding a Makarov mag here on a Tuesday after a second restart".

          Play the game. I hate loot maps, I hate people hinting at getting a restart because they logged on and want to get X vehicle or pan handle the chopper crashes when its convenient. People seem to talk about immersion one minute and then shortcuts, lifting the lid and gaming the game the next.

          Oh where is your sense of theatre, of discovery, no spoilers please. I wish DayZ was more random than it is now, lets not push it in the other direction. Zombies should be an unknown, I wish they acted differently so you never knew where you stood with them, after all, they're people too. Loot, randomise that stuff right up please. No mathletes, no speed runs based on probability, statistics be damned!:icon_lol:


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            Re: Request Server Info

            The only reason I ask is that the information does get out and is spread out amongst the TGA. Certain things like custom vehicles which (as far as I know) must be hand placed by a server admin and all I ask is a little more transparency with changes/additions. I agree with the dislike for loot tables but you have people who actively adjust it to some number X. I'm not asking for specifics but a list of changes of rarity of items/additions of new things.

            It could be like:

            Increased Chance of Tool Box Spawning.
            Increased Chance of Sandbags.
            Decreased Chance of Satchels.
            Have a script spawning vehicles without need for restart.
            All vehicles spawn in randomized locations.
            Added Vodnik Gun (w radar)
            Added 'Wasteland Building' minimod (link).
            Server Restarts by Admin Only.

            It is really silly to chide me for asking about being informed about basic game elements
            with the claim that its too much of a 'mathalon' and that it can be abused (which it can
            not on the small scale) when the game fosters the concept of 'farming' loot and abuse
            of loot spawn mechanics. There is no way to exploit the RNG spawning mechanism with
            out just a statistical approach which is clearly favored to large cooperating groups or
            low population server times.

            If [email protected] is moving to change this this is great but I just ask for more information. No
            game comes without a manual and no update comes without a changelog. If you revamp
            the loot spawn mechanics completely awesome... just tell those of us not in the know.

            On the subject of Zeds being 'random' I disagree on a historical and thematic basis. The
            novum of the Zed is to be a completely destructive force on humanity and forcing a
            situation where the cooperation of humanity, or lack thereof, ultimately defines the terms
            of survival. Zeds are supposed to be something easily to outsmart/avoid/predict for the
            most part and its the inability/ability of people to work together to die or survive respectively.

            Making them spawn in the woods would be great and removing the 'white dots' would be
            even better. Even a little more distinction between them would be cool.


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              Re: Request Server Info

              1) I haven't chided anyone lol, a touch sensitive there I think
              2) Don't call me silly (use Leslie Nielsen voice)
              3) You're free to disagree but the notion of some sort of definitive mandate on how zombies 'should' act is something I find a little odd. They're dead people. If they were always predictable, easy to deal with etc then they wouldn't present much of a threat to humanity now would they. You're entitled to your opinion as to what you believe zombies should do but how you can portray that as based on some form of precedent is something that baffles me. Now I've seen Jersey Shore, the oddly colored mono-sylabic shuffling excuses for humanity aside, I am not aware of an actual zombie apocalypse having taken place recently from which we can draw definitive conclusions regarding zombie behavior.

              Finally all information regarding 'decreased chance of this, highly likely of that' is 'meta-game immersion breaking, nuts and bolt stuff that frankly I personally have no interest in. I play the game to find out what spawns and where.


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                Re: Request Server Info

                Never called you silly. Seems we both misunderstand intentions I guess.

                I agree that my interpretation of the Zed may differ from others and much like vampires
                you can have Dracula and Sparkling Supermen. I totally understand that and know that
                the admin team have complete rights in whatever vision they have. I was just fighting
                for what I feel is the historical basis of the Zed mythology, which as of late has been
                clearly abused in game media as Nazi's were in the 90s.

                The concept of the modern zed dates back to Romero's inspiration after seeing the
                movie Omega Man, an adaptation of the book I Am Legend. Romero wanted to see
                people trying to live during the 'outbreak' that eventually doomed mankind but also
                wanted to explore other concepts more in touch with the death of civilization.

                I could wax poetic about the many serious takes on the zed motif and what relations
                it has to a critique on society, Hobbes' Leviathan, and dark satire of mindless
                consumerism/violence. But thats not here.

                My point is that the Zed has one purpose, to kill you, and it should be extremely efficient
                at it but in a predictable manner. Keep in mind that many places have 40 or more spawned
                person... if each of them was unpredictable you'd have too many variables to account for.


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                  Re: Request Server Info

                  Originally posted by Wicks View Post
                  1) Now I've seen Jersey Shore, the oddly colored mono-sylabic shuffling excuses for humanity aside, I am not aware of an actual zombie apocalypse having taken place recently from which we can draw definitive conclusions regarding zombie behavior.
                  Leave my Peeps out of it!!

                  I deserve a ribbon for Mortar Specialist

                  Artillery conquers and infantry occupies.
                  J.F.C. Fuller

                  Proud to have been a member of the 5th, 71st and my beloved 19th


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                    Re: Request Server Info

                    Also, I can independently verify that the alliance gets no inside info on server-side changes. Your example about the fact that the guns on the assault vodnik now work is evidence of such. Nothing was posted on any forum about the change, and until last night when damonte told me he used them to smoke someone yesterday, I was under the impression that pulling the trigger still meant an instantaneous D/C.

                    The exception to that would be information related to server side changes that are found by players and not the administration. Example: I did a lengthy writeup on some basebuilding tips, as well as lots of stuff I discovered in playing with gates and keypads, and posted it in the alliance forum.

                    However, pretty much everything else that you mentioned specifically has been posted publically, but its usually announced before the changes are made when Apo posts a maintenance thread.

                    As for the statistical data, I'm not sure why you feel that knowing that the sandbag spawn percentage changed from 0.06% to 0.09% versus knowing that its "slightly less rare now" would effect the way you play. Now, if it was a dramatic change such that it would throw off the balance of the game ("you can now find tank traps 25% of the time from EVERY LOOT SPAWN EVAR!"), then it would be worth getting into the finite numerical values.

                    FWIW, I have noticed only minimal differences between the accuracy of loot spawn on our server vs the default taviana loot map, and I dont feel like having an in-depth knowledge of the difference in values would change the way I do business.


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                      Re: Request Server Info

                      I think all YT is getting at is to make server changes transparent to all players. Specifics aren't always necessary when it comes to % changes when a simple "increase" / "decrease" would suffice.

                      It's a fair request. No point debating specific examples.
                      |TG-12th| asch


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                        Re: Request Server Info

                        Stay away from Apo's Dollar store in Boye, he will rip you off. But I agree with asch.


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                          Re: Request Server Info

                          Thanks Ferris for clearing that up.

                          Again I never said I wanted the specific figures for loot. In my example I specifically
                          suggested relative verbage and never specified exact numbers. The whole concept
                          of loot being represented as statistical figures was brought up first by Wicks.

                          However if we are to use figures it does matter of the relative chance increase of
                          the spawning of certain items. For example why it matters if X is changed from .06
                          to .09 is something of minor significance. A 50% increase in rate is significant when
                          in general all things have comparatively low loot chances. Now if no one knows
                          about these changes then I have no problem.

                          On the subject of the Vodnik Gun I just have a minor contention with it being enabled
                          without warning due to its radar (lol wut) ability. But all is fair in war and death.


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                            Re: Request Server Info

                            Originally posted by asch View Post
                            I think all YT is getting at is to make server changes transparent to all players. Specifics aren't always necessary when it comes to % changes when a simple "increase" / "decrease" would suffice.

                            It's a fair request. No point debating specific examples.
                            I agree.

                            No need to get into details, just list some of the extras that define our server and separate it from other Taviana servers.
                            For example:
                            - Base building 1.2
                            - customized loot tables
                            - increased rate of building supply spawns
                            - tougher zombies in greater numbers
                            - this many vehicles with customized spawn locations
                            - randomized server restarts

                            This would be very far from peeking behind the courtain, it would just inform players what to expect on the TG server so they can make an informed decision whether to join or not.
                            Think of it as advertisment, saying; "we have all these awesome extras, come play with us!"




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