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  • Taviana Wishlist

    We had a thread like this in the old private forum so i thought we could continue that discussion here.
    So tell us what would you like to see on the Taviana TG server.

    -More skins and uniforms.
    For groups, in house squads and individual players. Even vehicle skins if that's possible, i want to paint camo pattern on my bright red VW Rolf.

    -More weapons
    Greater variety of medium and high tier weapons.

    -Less high caliber weapons
    Either remove or make extremely rare guns like the AS50, M107, DMR, M24.

    -3rd person vehicle view
    Only for vehicles.

    Buildable generators, working power grid to light up a town.
    This would decrease/stop zombie spawns in the area and could even be tied to powering gates and fuel stations.

    Find a use for all that junk you throw away. Melt down those tin cans to create something more valuable.

    -More buildables
    Double-wide container to park vehicles in, container that can be used to store loot, medical tent that spawns a minimal amount of medical loot every day, cattle-pen that spawns cows, deer stand to use as guard tower.

    -More bycicles
    Modified to hold one gun and a couple of items.

    -More off-road vehicles
    Both civilian and military.

    -Better chopper crash sites
    Less predictable, more spread out and with very tough zombies. Make us work very hard for the best loot.

    -Tougher and more zombies
    Make them an even bigger threat. Headshot only would be nice.

    -More boats
    Some fishing boats and a few PBX.

    -More helicopters.
    Every player should have at least two personal chopper. Yeah.

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    Re: Taviana Wishlist

    -No shift click waypoint markers.
    This detracts from the whole point of starting with no compass or map at the start.

    -No peripheral dots
    They just make things too easy.

    Agree with above post AEG is the name of the MOD that does this.

    -Omnipresent God Speak
    A system to remove the ability to talk to anyone over any distance as seen in the current TS3 system.

    -Less restarts
    Reduce the amount of server restarts.

    -Increased fuel consumption
    Increase the rate at which vehicles use fuel by 50%.

    -Reduced Fuel Locations
    Reduce the fuel locations on the map to 3 or 4 not 30 or 40.
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      Re: Taviana Wishlist

      - squad system
      Would make comms in-game so much easier and decreases TS chatter, and would help you differentiate between friend and foe a little bit easier

      - fewer helo spawns
      I say one at a time on the map, if it gets destroyed then you have to wait a few days til it spawns back in

      I didn't join a squad once and this guy named Nardini took me into the back room and beat me with a sock of oranges.


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        Re: Taviana Wishlist

        Removal of the three story brick schoolbuildings in Byelov, Sabina, etc. These statics are poorly optimized, greatly reduce the game performance of anyone looking at them, spawn no loot, and the interior doorways are generally too small to fit through.

        Increase the number of zombies per batch but greatly increase the amount of time between spawn batches. It is fruitless to try to clear a town right now due to the frequency of spawns.

        Remove all car spawns on islands not connected by roads (Knin).

        Keep the moon in position to allow night navigation, but not effective night fighting, without the assistance of road flares, chemlights, etc.

        Disable the "Eject" option for air vehicles, or remove the parachutes.

        Remove the Coyote Patrol Packs from spawnlists and decrease the percentages of Czech Vest Pouches by a large degree.

        Some sort of functioning camo system for cars. I was astonished to find out how easy it was to see cars from the air, despite considerable effort and resources expended to try and keep them hidden. Even spraypainted hunter's green/gray patterns would help.

        I'd like to ride the ferris wheels.


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          Re: Taviana Wishlist

          - Farming Locations
          Make farming less of a priority or sitting in one area and farming it every 2 to 5 min's for items that you need and can keep looking for after every loot spawn resets and you start all over again. Make item spawns like 30 min’s to an hour so you have to move on and not stay in one place too long
          - Objectives
          Give people something else to do other than Farming, looking for vehicles or hunting bandits. Those are fine every so often but people need goals to complete to make the game satisfying.
          - Fixing Glitches
          I know that these are a life of gamming but what kill me 99% of the time are glitches. And they appear more now with building then any. Parking near a built object will ether put you on the roof of the vehicle or inside of it making it nearly impossible to get out without it killing you.
          - Remote gate access
          Opening gates without getting out of your vehicle.
          - Helicopter pads
          Build a helicopter pad that ether repairs, refuels or both slowly. It’s just an idea.
          If I think of anything else ill post more later.


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            Re: Taviana Wishlist

            In an earlier post I made I suggested :-

            -No peripheral dots
            They just make things too easy.

            I then realised this is something alot of server admins do not know how to do.

            Here is a howto just to help. cause I am like that :)

            Firstly the peripheral dots are hard-coded into any server side difficulty lower than mercenary !!

            1. So ya need to alter your server.cfg to have the following lines.
            This makes sure it always runs in the mode that removes the dots
            class Missions
                class Mission1
                template = "dayz_42.tavi";
            2. Alter your ARMA2OAPROFILE to settings you wish in mercenery mode
            class Mercenary
            		class Flags
            Everything in red is hard-coded into mercenary mode and cannot be altered.

            Even though the ability to add lines like :-
            PeripheralVisionAid=0; and visionAid=0; exist they do NOT in fact do anything lower than mercenary difficulty mode .
            Unless that's been fixed recently, Because it makes absolutely no sense to have the commands but not be able to use them if you ask me :)

            Hope this helps.
            The path of my life is strewn with cowpats from the devil's own satanic herd.


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              Re: Taviana Wishlist

              Mountain Bike
              Armored SUV
              Cheez in a can (those sardines taste like fish)


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                Re: Taviana Wishlist

                I'm going to rattle off as much of a practical list as I can based on functional plugins I've seen or things we might be able to tweak:

                1. Car parts scavenging. This is a mod that was *supposed* to be included in Tavi 3.0, but since the developer is MIA at the moment, who knows when thats coming down the pipe. This mod allows you to strip functional parts off of vehicles to repair others. Need a tire for your vodnik and you have a tractor sitting around? Take a tire off the tractor!

                2. Electricity. We've seen the video. The mod looks cool. I say we give it a shot for grins.

                3. Increased spawns for boats, along with working/populated oil rigs. I have been on Tavi servers that have the oil rigs fully functional as far as loot spawning, being able to land choppers on, set tents on, etc. But even if we implement that, unless you're the one person on the server with a boat, or one of a very select few who have access to a chopper, you're never getting there (or if you do, you're never getting home). There are also several small outlying islands that are almost completely unused and would make for fantastic base spots that are essentially "off limits" right now.

                Thats about all I'm interested in. I would like to avoid any changes to teamspeak, etc, considering the fact that the server becoming more popular doesnt mean more people on teamspeak, it simply means more people. Changing a system that already works well and we have started to work the kinks out of will only complicate things more.


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                  Re: Taviana Wishlist

                  ''Increase the number of zombies per batch but greatly increase the amount of time between spawn batches. It is fruitless to try to clear a town right now due to the frequency of spawns.''

                  this, definitely.


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                    Taviana Wishlist

                    More bicycles. Or means to travel some distances without jamming a knife on the W key :)

                    A group management system would be awesome too.

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                      Re: Taviana Wishlist


                      This relates to the Basebuilding discussion but I figure belongs here more so as it would undoubtedly require some serious effort and thought.

                      A way to own 'territory'.
                      This is the ideal solution to structures in my opinion. The purpose of territory is to limit the basebuilding mechanics to something more manageable for long term play rather than simply saying "I placed XYZ here first" its mine forever now.

                      The purpose of territory ownership being a game feature rather than an abstraction of current mechanics is to give a real ruleset to its possession and loss. First come first serve makes sense but if that Second comer evicts you to the beach... well its not yours anymore. However the act of evicting you should involve actual effort and ultimately bloodshed, not off hours exploitation.

                      The benefits of territory control should include spawn points (with hour long cool down timers), unlootable/indestructable 'lockers', the ability to see the Unique ID of all items within the territory, and maybe more.

                      Infected Wards and Spawns
                      A new constructed item that is a zombie spawn and a new one that negates spawns. Infected Spawns would be a good moat... or a neat 'trap' to place in the forest. Wards offer the ability to 'secure' your territory.

                      ***SUPER AWESOME EPIC THING***
                      This is probably too ambitious (and is tied to a ZomSim game I actually want to make) :D. A fully conceived 'rebuilding' metagame that functions through abstractions. For example, say you build at place XYZ, well we will abstract NPCs (that aren't really in the game) called 'Civilians' that you can 'save' or otherwise convince to 'join you'.

                      Say you have Five 'Civilians' at your 'base' every hour or so they build up a resource called 'ManHours' which conversely allows you to build new items within your territory or expand your territory. The Civilians however require to be fed and such. Civilians have a certain level of 'Morale', which is affected by their abstracted happiness and feeling of safety you provide, and if this dips too low they leave you (or die).


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                        Re: Taviana Wishlist

                        So, something to add: can we PLEASE start modding our basebuilding script so that stuff that will most likely never be used (like the single fencepost) gets replaced with useful items like fuel tanks, pavilions, etc? It can be done:


                        Also, I found a pretty good resource that we can look through to get realistic ideas for adding scripts to the server:


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                          Re: Taviana Wishlist

                          Can we mod basebuilding so we can build more objects on roads/in towns/in buildings?
                          It will make the possibilities with basebuilding a lot greater.


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                            Re: Taviana Wishlist

                            Tougher Zombies
                            - Single headshot kills
                            - Multiple body shot kills (depending on weapon)
                            - Spawn a larger quantity
                            - Increase time between spawns
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                              Re: Taviana Wishlist

                              Originally posted by Mikeyboyz View Post
                              Can we mod basebuilding so we can build more objects on roads/in towns/in buildings?
                              It will make the possibilities with basebuilding a lot greater.
                              These things are all configurable from within the basebuilding script. So the short answer is that yes, these things are possible, and very quickly.




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